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Zoho Books vs Xero vs ZarMoney - Top Accounting Showdown

Get ready to dive deep into the world of accounting software. If you've ever been curious about the giants in the accounting software game, this piece is just for you. Zoho Books vs Xero and...
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Your Business Life Made Better With Cloud Accounting Solution

A significant portion of small businesses struggle to stay on top of their financial and reporting responsibilities, but the latest developments in the field of accounting software had made such tasks less of a headache. The days of filling out paper forms and using fax machines to send invoices back and forth are ending, yet many companies still rely on dated methods to update their books, calculate their tax obligations and keep their records secure.

2023 Has Seen a Rise In Trends Demanding Invoicing Software

Thanks to powerful accounting platforms, businesses can minimize the risk of costly errors, partially or fully automate cash flow, increase security and reduce their costs. If you haven’t made the switch to invoicing software yet, now may be the time to start seriously considering it. Keep reading to learn about the most important trends in invoicing software – you’ll soon discover how it can help your company in more ways than you might have originally thought.

Advanced Payables

The best invoicing software allows you to manage your cash flow accurately at an optimum level. You can add payments and bills to your financial calendar automatically, allowing you to track your spending and income daily, monthly and annually without having to sit down with a calculator for hours.

Cloud-Based Storage

Go back 20 or 30 years, and you’d have no choice but to keep a paper trail of all your financial records. Now, you can store such records on servers using the best invoicing software, and you don’t need to take responsibility for keeping them secure. Thanks to cloud solutions, you can safely keep your invoices on remote servers that are continuously monitored and protected by the most advanced encryption technology on the market.

Want to know more about what is cloud and how does it work? Read our detailed guide What is Cloud? How Does It Work With Accounting Software? here. 

Link Related Transactions

Organizing your bills, POs and sales orders can be challenging without the use of software. Utilizing the best invoicing software, you can link related documents together automatically, eliminating the need to sift through folders endlessly trying to keep track of your records. 

Customize to Fit Your Needs

What good is your software if you can’t customize it to suit your business? That’s why ZarMoney offers customizable dashboard, product fields, and units of measure. You’re not going to find this with QuickBooks Online Plus. 

Learn more about ways to customize and revamp your accounting system here.

Customizing your dashboard helps you keep the most relevant data visible. You can simplify the way you view data while still seeing everything you need. If you want to report on data that isn’t currently recorded in ZarMoney, customizable customer and product fields help you do it. You can track new data fields specifically for your business. 

Provide Better Customer Service

ZarMoney manages better customer service both internally and externally. We can all agree that better customer service leads to happier customers and happier customers are more likely to become repeat customers. 

What are the prominent features we offer within this category?

Automatically Email or Fax Purchase Orders to Vendors

Invoicing software for small businesses now lets you send purchase orders to vendors with a click of your mouse button. You don’t need to spend your precious time printing, scanning and faxing documents because you can do all those things using small business invoicing software. You can save the email addresses and fax details for all your vendors on one solution, which, again, mitigates the risk of mistakes.

Scheduler Synced with Google Calendar

With ZarMoney scheduler you will be able to use drag&drop builder of calendar. You will be able to fill in your calendar with activities that matter to you and your team. Are you supposed to send an invoice to your business partner tomorrow and don't want to forget about it? Simply automate invoice creation in your scheduler, and assign this task for tomorrow - your invoice will get automatically generated and set without your further input. 

That having multiple calendars is too much on one person to manage? Simply sync your ZarMoney scheduler with your Google Calendar and have all taska accessible from one place. 

This is one of most powerful automation features by ZarMoney that is going to save you time, money and in case something would go wrong, a possible headache. 

Approve to Pay

By giving authorized users the ability to approve bills before they are paid, you can avoid making costly mistakes while adding an extra layer of security to your finances. The last thing you need is for financial setbacks to affect your ability to do business. By being able to store all your bills in one place and approve them before executing payment, you can protect your company from mishaps such as double entry, overpayments, potentially fradulent activity and more.

Learn more about how ZarMoney helps protecting you from fraud. 

But that isn't all. There are many more features within category of Customer Service, like:

  • Internal and External Text and Email Notifications
  • Internal Customer Service System
  • Added Layers of Security
  • Limited User Access
  • and more!

Manage Inventory

A lot of small business accounting software doesn’t consider the complexity of your inventory. That’s where we stand out. We treat your company like a legitimate business with legitimate inventory. 

Interested in this feature? Check our guide on the Best Inventory Management Software 2023. 

Still not sure how could inventory management benefit your business? Check our guide 10 Ways You'll Save Time with Inventory Management Accounting Software. 

Into Inventory Management Section we count important features like:

  • Multiple Warehouses Tracking
  • Transfers of Inventory Tracking
  • Split Transactions
  • and more!

We Endeavour to Develop the Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

At ZarMoney, we started developing small business invoicing software in 2006 after recognizing the challenges that companies face regarding accounting. Our solutions are flexible, adaptable and customizable to suit your unique requirements. Best of all, you can try our free invoicing software for small businesses for a month without paying a cent or entering your credit card information. If you’d like to get started with what we believe to be superior free invoicing software, start your FREE trial today.Start Free Trial Today!

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