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A Leading Xero Accounting Alternative

A feature-rich competitor to Xero - offering a variety of accounting, invoicing, and inventory management solutions paired with seamless payable and receivable processes.
About Us

 ZarMoney is the finest Business Accounting Software to help businesses in Financial Management. Our team comprises Financial and Tech exporters who have made this platform solely for providing monetary solutions to small businesses and large firms. As a result, Business Cloud Accounting has been made easier for business owners by ZarMoney.

About ZarMoney
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Xero vs ZarMoney


For those who take their confidentiality and information security seriously, ZarMoney offers IP-based restrictions - enabling users to authorize access in the designated areas of their choosing. Paired with other features that boost productivity, it makes ZarMoney a secure alternative and worthy competitor of Xero Accounting.



Customizable Dashboard


Team Collaboration


Mobile App

Coming Soon

Internal Notes


User Permissions


IP Access Restrictions


SMS & Email Notifications

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Both ZarMoney and Xero are excellent solutions when it comes to inventory management. The capabilities that come with both of the solutions are more or less similar; however, ZarMoney excels its counterpart - offering an additional feature that may come in handy. Here’s a comparison of ZarMoney vs Xero Accounting to give you a better understanding.



Split Transactions

FIFO Cost Methods

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking

Multiple Warehouse Management


2-Step Warehouse Transfer


Price Levels


Barcode Inventory Management


Custom Units of Measure


Real-Time Inventory Updates

Product Categories

Custom Fields

Pick Lists

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Xero is one of the most preferable solutions when it comes to accounting. The features offered by the tool are top-notch - making it one of the leading accounting software. ZarMoney goes toe-to-toe with Xero concerning its accounting capabilities. The accounting features offered by ZarMoney are on par with Xero minus the steep learning curve - making it an easy-to-use alternative to Xero.



Bank Connections

Bank Reconciliation

Chart of Account

Profit & Loss Statements

Sales Tax

Bank Deposits

Import bank transactions

Funds Transfer

Journal Entries

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ZarMoney comes with Insight™ - an exclusive reporting solution that facilitates you to dive deep into the analytics and extract comprehensive reports in just a single click. This comes in handy for making data-driven decisions and generating financial reports best suited for your needs. Besides that, ZarMoney offers other reporting capabilities that are on par with Xero Accounting. Here is a glimpse into the feature comparison of ZarMoney vs Xero Accounting concerning their reporting capabilities.



Insight ™


Balance sheet

Trial Balance

Cash Flow Statements

Coming Soon

Account Receivable Reports

Account Payable Reports

Comprehensive analytics


1099 Reporting

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