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Who We Are?

Based in Los Angeles, a team of professionals strived to develop a custom solution to high-priced and inflexible accounting and inventory management solutions. Exploring market needs and available solutions, it was found that despite charging a lot of dollars, current solutions only give access to limited features and lack scalability. Hence, ZarMoney came into existence with a promise to offer a variety of accounting and inventory management capabilities to businesses worldwide.


What Our Accounts Receivable Software Has to Offer

Challenges of Non-Profit Organizations

Run mostly on donations and grants; the non-profit organizations have unique accounting challenges. On top of Financial Accounting Standards Board guidelines, non-profits have to abide by many other rules that do not apply to for-profit organizations. ZarMoney accounting software competently meets the exclusive non-profit requirement that includes monitoring fund utilization, restricting specific donations for specific purposes, ensuring absolute financial transparency, accurate reporting, and much more.

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LP - Non-Profit Accounting Software_Minimizing Error Probablity
Minimizing Error Probability

Non-profits have zero columns for inaccurate and erroneous reporting, given the ever-present possibility for audit triggers. However, the limited administrative funding of such organizations does not allow for expensive technical support to meet the requirement of strict financial reporting. ZarMoney is a highly affordable and customizable accounting solution with all the valuable features of costly options to support non-profits efficiently managing their expenses and incoming funding. It helps these organizations effectively eliminate the likelihood of documenting errors and helps them save money and time.

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LP - Non-Profit Accounting Software_Budget Pricing Model
Budget Pricing Model

Non-profits do not have much resources to indulge overheads, usually at the cost of overworked staff and volunteers. Considering the budget constraints of the non-profits, ZarMoney offers market-competitive pricing with no compromise or cap on the software's features and capabilities. Keeping affordability and flexibility as a top priority, ZarMoney supports a wide variety of features, including expense tracking, fund allocation, account receivable & payable, advanced accounting, and reporting.

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Real-Time Accessibility

Non-profits organizations mostly work with teams deployed in different locations for different causes, resulting in remote collaborations and financial planning. With only a functional network connection, ZarMoney accounting software enables non-profits to access their finances from anywhere to either release funds in the face of an unexpected event or perform immediate accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

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LP - Non-Profit Accounting Software_End To End Transperancy and Accuracy
End-to-End Transparency & Accuracy

Given the infamous challenges of non-profit accounting and consistent demands for financial transparency and accountability, it is no surprise that more and more non-profit organizations are looking to incorporate economical and reliable accounting systems. ZarMoney accounting software provides simple and accurate tracking of all the assets, contributions, donations, grants, or any other kind of income of such an organization that translates into end-to-end transparency and visibility into its financial operations.

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A One-Stop Accounting Software for Non-Profits and More

Online Invoicing

Create professional invoices, get paid faster.

Automated Billing

Keep your bills up-to-date and never miss a payment.

Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility of your global inventory.

Online Payments

Accept payments online from anywhere in the world.

Bank Connections

Import your bank transactions automatically.


Create, print, and email quotes or estimates seamlessly

Purchase Orders

Optimize your ordering process and reduce costs.

Online Order Management

Manage the order life-cycle efficiently and hassle-free.

Auto Tax Calculation

Automate your sales tax calculation as per the regional laws.


Create visually stunning financial reports.


Access permissions and role-based entry system for users.


Identify discrepancies and reconcile statements with ease.

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