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Who Are We?

ZarMoney offers versatile solutions to your accounting needs. Based in Los Angeles, ZarMoney comprises a team of professionals who strived to develop a custom solution to high-priced and inflexible accounting software. Built after exploring market needs and available solutions, ZarMoney promises rich features and scalable accounting solutions customized to your freelance operations.


A One-Stop Accounting Software for Freelancers

Create Accurate Estimates

As a freelancer, getting a client on board can be as strenuous as the job itself. ZarMoney helps you convince potential customers to say yes. Use our inbuilt feature to prepare estimates like a pro. Describe the work, state the projected timeline, and share a detailed list of costs. Also, mention the due date, the extra charge in case of late payment, and any discounts you might want to offer. We help you set the right expectations by ensuring transparency from the get-go

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Send Professional Invoices

Lock that contract before your client decides to change their mind! Send your invoice as soon as your estimate is accepted. ZarMoney speeds up the process so you can convert an approved quote to invoice with one click. Choose one of our existing invoice templates and customize it. Insert your logo and other details to solidify your brand name. Send the invoice via email while also storing the electronic receipt in the database for future reference. It’s that easy and convenient!

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Track Your Bills

Handling every end of your operations yourself can side-track you from tracking your bills. Consequently, you might lose more money than you make. ZarMoney helps you avert this disaster. We follow the status of all your bills, so you know when a client has paid. You can also monitor your account payable – that is, bills you have to pay by their due dates. Use our accounting software to record all your credit card and bank transactions. This allows you to balance your income with your expenses and also track your year-end tax filing.

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Enhance Payment Options

You can now let your clients pay online with a single click. If you offer your professional services to people from all over the world but have limited payment options, you might have to turn clients – and potential revenue – away. ZarMoney prevents that from happening. Using our integrated multichannel payment options, you can let your clients pay through debit or credit, using PayPal, Stripe, and more. You can also apply discounts using loyalty points and accept direct deposit and advance payments. Do all this without involving a third party. By providing a unified gateway, you optimize payment and significantly improve customer experience.



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Conduct Bank Reconciliation

Can't wrap your head around bank reconciliation? You're not alone. Ensuring there are no discrepancies in your bank statement is no mean feat. Many freelancers (unless they're accountants!) need to commit time or hire an expert to do the job. Neither might be a feasible option. ZarMoney allows you to reconcile your invoices with a single click. You don't have to pore over records to identify errors. We compare your income and bank statements and alert you if there are any gaps. You can now improve your cash flow and get a firmer grip on your finances all at once.

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Pay Your Taxes on Time

It’s time to talk taxes. Like many people, you might avoid calculating tax until the deadline. That’s the worst thing you can do, by the way. Tackle your taxes head-on with ZarMoney. No more delays, discrepancies, or missed deadlines. Using our accounting software, you can automate your tax calculation. The sales tax is computed for every sale record, and the expense sheet is later used to file your end-of-year tax. We help you comply with local and international laws so you can continue working independently for a long time.



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An Accounting Solution Tailored for Freelancers

Online Payments

Accept payments online from anywhere in the world.

Quick Invoicing

Create professional invoices for your clients and vendors.

Automated Billing

Keep your bills up-to-date and never miss a payment.

Bank Connections

Import your bank transactions automatically.

Auto Tax Calculation

Automate your sales tax calculation as per the regional laws.


Create visually stunning financial reports.


Access permissions and role-based entry system for users.


Identify discrepancies and reconcile statements with ease.

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