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Powerful Accounting Software That Grows With You

Customers & Account Receivable

Order Status

Manage the status of your estimates & sales orders by customized Order Status

Payment Terms

Offer Payment Terms & Early Payment Discounts to your customers.

Notification via Text & Email

Text or email your customers automatically or manually when the status of their order changes

Recurring Invoices

(coming soon)

Credit Limit & Credit Hold

Automatically enforce credit limits at order entry and at invoicing. Customer configuration options can block invoice processing or issue a warning. Automatically release a credit hold when a payment is entered, or put a manual credit hold.

Organize Customers with Custom Fields

You can define your own customer entry fields and individually tag them and their transactions for easier tracking and better organizational control.

Example: Get tour Customer PO or Side Mark for their orders


Print, Email or Fax Invoices in Seconds. Add your logo, and even your customized contract.

Accept Credit Cards Online

Get paid x2 faster by accepting credit cards, debit card payments online.

Quotes / Estimates

Create and send a professional quote or estimate in minutes and simply convert it to the invoice when you get the job.

Sales Orders

Streamline your sales process by improving the management of orders. Manage the statuses of your orders and invoice them upon delivery.

Accept Pre-payments

ZarMoney makes it easy to accept a deposit or early payment for your customer’s order, then apply it seamlessly to any consecutive purchase-related invoices.

Quick Sales

Simplify your invoicing by Quick Sales Use Quick Sale for cash and carry orders. Enter all the information in one screen and eliminate two-step of Invoicing and Receiving Payments by Quick Sales

Customer Statement

Print or email weekly Statements include a copy of the open invoices for customers to show the status of their account and stay on top of your financial condition and cash flow.

Vendors & Account Payable


Record anything you buy from your bank account or credit card and categorize them for expense tracking and end of the year tax filing.

Payment Discounts

Track early payment discounts and auto-apply discounts.

Receipt Attachment

Say goodbye to discolored, ripped receipts. Attach supplier receipts directly when processing an expense to ensure accuracy, and builds a comprehensive audit trail.

Purchase Orders

With purchase order manage the complete order process with an audit trail, track any items ordered, as well as the agreed-upon price with the vendor and simply convert them to bill.

Email or Fax Purchase Order

Fax & Email directly from the application without any fax line or email service.


Track bill status and create payments against them on time. With account payable center you can record the transactions that you will pay in the future.

Automatic matching

No need to manually manage and monitor your coming and going in the bank, Match your bank's transactions with yours with just a button.

Print Checks

Print checks individually or in batch for accurate expense tracking.

Payable Center & Calendar

Manage Cash Flow Through Advanced Payables, A convenient payables calendar enables you to better manage cash flow at an optimum level.

Approve Bills

Arm yourself with an extra layer of security and reduce your odds of a costly mistake by giving authorized users the option to approve bills before they are paid.

Related Transactions

Automatically link all related Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Bills.

Automatic Expense Recording

Create rules that automatically categorize the bank transactions for you and add them to your books


Notification via Text & Email

Keep your customers abreast of any order status changes with automatic notifications that provide an extra touch of personal service.

Internal Notes

Put in internal notes or send messages to co-workers in any transactions.

Advance user Permissions

Protect your business by limiting the people who have access. Set permissions and restrict access based on computer location and user roles.

Customizable Dashboard

Customize your dashboard for familiarity and simplicity.

Collaborate with your team

Built-in messaging and alerts let you communicate at any time, from any location, to troubleshoot or to simply update other team personnel.

File Attachment

Attach PDF or Image documents to orders, invoices and other transactions.

Access from everywhere

Enjoy the ultimate in mobility and remote connectivity for optimum management agility.

Restricted IP Access

Give user access from specific location-based on location IP address. You might not want some of your employees to access your company data from their homes.


Schedule deliveries, customer callbacks or any important tasks. Assign customer or invoice numbers to task for easy retrieval simply drag tasks to your calendar 
and sync with Google Calendar or Calendar on iPhone

Advance Inventory

Inventory Management

Track inventory in real-time, Quantities are updated automatically as you work.

2 Step Warehouse Transfer

Items are easily transferred between warehouses, with easy tracking.


Use a barcode scanner to find your items quickly.

Get real-time inventory data

Stock level are updated automatically as you work. Always know what’s on-hand, what 's reserved and whats coming to prevent stock shortages.

Product Category

Organize Items by Brand or Product line for added versatility in your tracking process.

Compare Received Inventory with PO’s

Make sure nothing is missing and the prices are all correct.

Create Pick Lists

Picklist is used to physically pull the items that are listed on the picklist

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Instant access to your inventory counts from multiple locations, individual items, sales, and purchase histories and more gives you a global view of your entire operation for quick multi-tasking.

Price Level

Offer different prices to different type of customers, not every customer is a VIP customer.

Customizable Units of Measures

Convert Units of Measurement, A powerful feature that allows you to buy and sell in different units of measure, like buy by box and sell per piece.

Customizable Product Fields

You can define your own item entry fields, making them germane to your specific business for easier understanding.

Item Tracking and History

Use this versatile feature to efficiently track your inventory on hand, review sales trends and check available to promise, so you can stay current and make changes where necessary.

Split Transactions with Enhanced Inventory Receiving

Received a PO only partially? No problem. Split POs are supported. Plus ZarMoney auto splits bills so you only pay for what you've received.

FIFO Cost Methods

Take advantage of First In - First Out inventory cost method to have more accurate inventory valuation information.


Import bank transactions

Import your bank transactions and match your bank's transactions with yours with just a button.

Bank Connection

Connect to over 9,600 financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada. So ZarMoney automatically imports the bank transactions each day then you can approve them or edit them.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Identify bank discrepancies & Get a clear view of your cash positions so that you can make better decisions.

Chart of Account

Chart of Accounts is a list of all of the accounts used by your organization to categorize them for financial reporting.

Sales Tax

Automatically calculate sales taxes and prepare tax filing reports. Assign a default tax zone to each customer or store location.

Bank Deposits

Deposit a batch of checks, cash or credit cards all at once to your banks to match your bank's deposits, so your books are reconciled all the time.

Divisions & Classes

Run your business smoother, faster and more profitable by tracking each division and/ or location separately.

Fund Transfers

The easiest way to transfer funds between bank accounts or credit card accounts.

Journal Entries

Adjust or correct financial transactions and post entries that can't be performed in other ways.


Comprehensive Reporting

Create advance, visual and professional customizable reports for your business.

1099 Reporting

Accumulate 1099 information for any designated vendor. Track 1099 payments and produce the appropriate 1099 reports.

Balance sheet

The balance sheet reveals the financial status of your business as of a specific date and shows what your business worth.

Trial Balance

Trial balance is a report that lists the balances of all the accounts to ensure debits and credits are equal.

Account Payable (A/P)

Easily manage and track the unpaid bills for what you purchased and avoid missing the discounts for early payment.

Profit & Loss

A profit and loss statement, (income statement), is a financial report that displays your total income, total costs, total expenses, and net income for any given time period.

Insight ™

Insight™ is the most advance reporting and analyzing tool, with Insight™ you can create your own report and charts and put them in your dashboard,

Account Receivable (A/R)

Easily monitors the balance of money owed to your company by your customer for purchase made on credit.



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