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Best GoDaddy Bookkeeping Alternative
If you have been using GoDaddy for years and think it is the best Bookkeeping Software, think again. We present the Industrial Outperformer that charges the same rates but gives services with prime features like no other. That is a better alternative to GoDaddy. 

About Us

We are a Los Angeles-based SaaS company providing financial management solutions to small, medium, and large businesses. Our company comprises Finances and Tech Experts that have built a platform that offers advanced features that ensure smooth monetary management and an excellent user Experience and Interface. We provide everything that saves time for Business owners.

Quick and Seamless Migration from our Award Winning Support Team
LP - Small Business Warehouse Inventory Software_What makes zarmoney the est choice

Advanced Features

ZarMoney is the prime accounting software with several advanced features that offer a one-stop solution to manage your Finances. Optimize your Finance with ZarMoney so that your business thrives.

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Data Migration Made Easy

Worried about your financial records and business data as GoDaddy Bookkeeping pulls the switch on its operations? ZarMoney has got you covered. Whether it be GoDaddy or any other platform, your previous records can be easily migrated to ZarMoney in no time.

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Credit Limit & Hold

Witness the power of automation and minimize the risks with ZarMoney. For example, the platform enables you to set credit limits. This feature automatically restricts the credit card(s) from exceeding the threshold specified for transactions.

Payable Calendar

ZarMoney enables you to manage cash flows effortlessly via advanced payable features and capabilities.Unlike GoDaddy Bookkeeping, ZarMoney comes with a payable calendar feature that comes in handy for setting your cash flows on autopilot and ensuring optimal financial records management.

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Account Reconciliation

ZarMoney brings bank reconciliation to your fingertips - enabling users to identify possible discrepancies and showing a clear picture of bank transactions to help you make informed decisions.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Our payment processing software supports multichannel payment methods – debit cards, direct deposits, or credit cards via PayPal, Stripe, and more. Tracking expenses and order status has never been more accessible.