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Who Are We?

Based in Los Angeles, ZarMoney comprises a team of professionals who strived to develop a custom solution to high-priced and inflexible legal accounting software. Exploring market needs and available solutions, it was found that despite charging a lot of dollars, current solutions only give access to limited features and lack scalability. Thus, ZarMoney came into existence – an accounting software that promises versatile features and scalable solutions to lawyers and law firms around the globe.


Accounting Software for Legal Experts

Talk Costs

How much money do you charge per hour? Do your clients know your worth? It’s time to talk costs. Research shows lawyers lose the most revenue when they fail to keep track of their time and are negligent about their billable hours. With ZarMoney, you can sidestep that pothole. Use our estimate feature to generate detailed fee plans. Share them with your clients, so they know what they’re paying for and when. We remove the complications from cost management, ensure transparency, and help you build better client relationships.

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Issue Prompt Invoices

If you want to be paid, you have to track your invoices. But work often gets in the way of such practical details. If you’re in the habit of sending invoices months after you win a case, you are courting confusion and conflicts. So, when work piles up, ZarMoney steps in to help you out. With our automated invoice feature, invoices are generated with a few clicks. You can email the digital receipt to clients while also store the record in your database for future reference. Limit client disputes by making your invoicing time-efficient and error-free.

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Bill Fast

Computerize your billing processes to ensure your cash flows remain unobstructed, and your practice operates smoothly. ZarMoney offers multichannel payment options to your clients. Whether credit card, debit card, or direct deposit, they can make secure online payments, choosing one from the several flexible options available. Your clients get legal defense while you get paid for your services. It’s a win-win situation.

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Enhance Security

Are you defending a high-profile case or handling sensitive information? We understand your need for security. ZarMoney helps you control the flow of information online. You might want to limit access to case records and company data from your employees’ homes. In that case, you can evoke access based on IP addresses or external locations. We have security features in place that will keep your data safe – a crucial need in today’s time.

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Keep Accounting Hassle-Free

We won’t tangle you up in financial jargon. We won’t force you to look up complex accounting terms online. ZarMoney offers you a customizable dashboard. You can align all the important accounting features – invoicing, billing, etc. – to streamline the accounting process. The language is easy to understand, and the interface is user-friendly. Cut down the time you must spend tending to bookkeeping and dedicate yourself fully to your legal practice.

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Expand Your Practice

Use ZarMoney’s Financial Report feature to get clear and concise reports about your legal practice’s performance and current standing. The report is accessible to lawyers and demands no detailed background in finances. The data is presented in the form of colorful graphs and charts so you can visualize your expenses as well as net income. The comprehensive statements will also help you make sound decisions for future growth.

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Our Accounting Software Has Many Pros for Legal Firms

Online Invoicing

Create professional invoices, get paid faster.

Automated Billing

Keep your bills up-to-date and never miss a payment.

Online Payments

Accept payments online from anywhere in the world.

Bank Connections

Import your bank transactions automatically.


Create, print, and email quotes or estimates seamlessly

Online Order Management

Manage the order life-cycle efficiently and hassle-free.

Auto Tax Calculation

Automate your sales tax calculation as per the regional laws.


Create visually stunning financial reports.


Access permissions and role-based entry system for users.

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