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Who We Are?

Based in Los Angeles, ZarMoney comprises a team of professionals who strived to develop a custom solution to high-priced and inflexible accounting software. Exploring market needs and available solutions, it was found that despite charging a lot of dollars, current solutions only give access to limited features and lack scalability. Thus, ZarMoney came into existence - an accounting solution for small businesses with a promise to offer versatile features and scalable accounting solutions to businesses around the globe.


Accounting Solutions for Real Estate Businesses

Scalable Accounting Solution

ZarMoney facilitates you with easy and scalable accounting solutions best suited for your needs. ZarMoney empowers small businesses to seamlessly generate business invoices, track expenses, manage bills, reconcile bank statements on the go. It’s an all-in-one accounting software for businesses - facilitating users with a variety of features and tools to generate visually stunning financial reports from the data.

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Hassle-Free Invoicing

Small businesses often struggle with invoicing - billing customers for the services offered or products delivered. With ZarMoney, you can generate custom invoices and bill customers without any hassle. Use a variety of premade templates or create one best suited for your needs. Seamlessly generate professional invoices manually or set the billing cycle on autopilot. The choice is yours.

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Direct Payments

Enable your customers to pay directly from the invoice and receive funds into your bank account. Add the ‘Pay Now’ button in your invoice - enabling customers to pay with just a single click without having to switch to other platforms. ZarMoney supports a variety of payment methods such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards via PayPal, Stripe, and more - giving your customers a wide range of options to pay.

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Effortless Reconciliation

The budget constraint makes it critical for small businesses to manage the cash better. ZarMoney gives you a clear view of your cash position and helps you identify any underlying discrepancies with ease. Our solution gives you account visibility on a granular level - helping small business owners to reconcile transactions and optimally manage their cash position to make better decisions.

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Tax Automation

Calculating taxes is a tedious task - hours of menial work followed by the complicated filing process. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business. With ZarMoney, you can seamlessly automate your tax calculation and filing process. Stay compliant with the taxation laws in different regions as ZarMoney associates respective tax zones to your business transactions records.

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Bank Connections

ZarMoney connects your business with over 9600 financial institutions in the United States and Canada. This allows you to import bank transactions with ease, approve or edit transactions as per need, reconcile statements with just a single click, and automate processes of payable and receivable invoices.

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Payable Tracking

Take control of your payment cycle and manage your cash flows for the better with ZarMoney’s Payable Calendar. Track payables effortlessly and make payments against the available account balance. Print checks individually or in bulk - ZarMoney allows you to pay multiple vendors simultaneously. Upload and attach invoices or receipts with records to simplify reconciliation.

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Financial Reporting

Dive deep into the data and manage your business finances with clarity. Derive actionable insights and keep yourself updated with the financial progression of your company. ZarMoney enables you to create visually stunning financial reports for internal use to fuel your decisions and for external sharing purposes or meetings with stakeholders.

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Our Accounting Software Facilitates Small Businesses With

Online Invoicing

Create professional invoices, get paid faster.

Automated Billing

Keep your bills up-to-date and never miss a payment.

Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility of your global inventory.

Online Payments

Accept payments online from anywhere in the world.

Bank Connections

Import your bank transactions automatically.


Create, print, and email quotes or estimates seamlessly

Purchase Orders

Optimize your ordering process and reduce costs.

Online Order Management

Manage the order life-cycle efficiently and hassle-free

Auto Tax Calculation

Automate your sales tax calculation as per the regional laws.


Create visually stunning financial reports.


Access permissions and role-based entry system for users.


Identify discrepancies and reconcile statements with ease.

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