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FIFO vs. LIFO method: Definitions, Differences, Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages

FIFO and LIFO are two accounting methods for valuing inventory. FIFO is considered to be superior, but LIFO also has its merits. This post discusses both methods and provides an example that...
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The Advantages of Using an Accounting Software

Still using a shoebox and notebook approach to accounting? Accounting software provides a way for yo...
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Accounting For Every Dollar

Are you looking for ways to improve your bottom line, but not sure where to begin? An easy place to ...
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Tax Laws, Regulations And Other Market Changes Coming In 2021

Many economic changes are expected for 2021; it would be smart to make plans for your business accor...
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How Changes Of Minimum Wage Laws Affect Your Business?

The 2021 laws regarding increases to the minimum wage may raise the hourly pay rate from the current...
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Deal With Pain of Your Bookkeeping Business

You’ve launched your business and have overcome the initial obstacles of becoming an entrepreneur. N...
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