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The 8 Best Order Management Software for Growing Businesses

Businesses around the globe use order management solutions to ensure efficient inventory management and reduction of the cost involved in the process. Order management systems minimize manua...
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There Is A Better Way To Manage Your Accounting | ZarMoney

If you’re like most of the business owners we hear from, you don’t speak with your bookkeeper or accountant quite as often as you should. And when you do, it’s probably to follow up on a receipt, statement, or invoice that you can barely remember.

What if there were a better way to manage your company’s finances? What if bookkeeping could be something that only took a few minutes, that was pain-free, and that could help you keep more of your money instead of forcing you to waste time on paper documents?

If any or all of those things sound good to you, then it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing out on. Here are a few things your bookkeeper or accountant wishes you knew already but hasn’t had time to tell you about yet.

There is a better way to handle small business accounting - with ZarMoney

A lot of small business accounting systems – and software programs – survive out of sheer habit. Their users might be vaguely aware that there are better options out there, but they are already too busy with work to investigate them and see what makes them superior.

There are dozens of different accounting solutions, each with dozens of different features. Multiply that and the scale of the whole issue can bring a serious headache. 

Check out some most common features you should definitely check out when picking up your accounting solution. 

That’s an understandable excuse, but cloud-based accounting software is rewriting the rules on what it means to manage finance for smaller businesses. Simply install an app, customize it for your business, and then let it handle automated functions. In a matter of a few hours, you’ll have more flexibility, control, and information than ever before.

Before we go on, let us address the thought that’s probably on your mind: wondering how you’d ever make the time to learn a new software package like ZarMoney? 

Learning The Right Cloud-Based Accounting System Isn’t Difficult

You’ve probably already noticed that newer smartphone and tablet apps aren’t like the business software you’ve bought and mastered in the past – they are far more intuitive, offer more features and are often much quicker to use and more efficient. 

ZarMoney is the same way. Instead of being engineered to throw every single feature in the book at you from the first moment you open the app (like some pieces of small business accounting software), ZarMoney is designed to be powerful while remaining easy to use. Although we offer comprehensive training videos and articles, the reality is that most people can simply pick it up and get started without much study at all.

We want our system to be as simple as it is powerful, so you feel good about using it again and again. Give it a try, its FREE, no credit cards details required, and you’ll see just what we mean.

Changing To Better Bookkeeping Software Makes Life Better

How exactly does ZarMoney help you run your business and keep track of your finances? Here are just a few of the biggest ways:

  • It automates the process of entering transactions, generating invoices, preparing estimates, and paying bills (saving you hundreds of hours in the process)

  • It categorizes expenses automatically and in real time, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours looking them up again later

  • It lets you flag specific transactions and communicate electronically with your bookkeeper to resolve them

  • It lets you schedule events ahead of time so you don’t miss important deadlines or get stuck with late fees

  • It gives you accounts payable and receivable information at a glance, so you always know what kind of money is coming into, and going out of, your business

  • ... And so much more. Really, you have to try it to truly appreciate just how much time and stress cloud-based accounting software can save you

There are really two types of business owners who haven’t made the change to cloud-based accounting software like ZarMoney or Quickbooks already: those who haven’t heard of it, and the ones who are still afraid to make a change for the better.

It’s easy to get attached to a certain way of doing things, but is clinging to your existing bookkeeping system worth it if it costs you thousands of dollars – not to mention hundreds of working hours – every year?

We don’t think so either. Try ZarMoney for FREE and see why it just might completely change the way you feel about small business accounting.

That you are not ready for commitment and that you need to do your research before signing up? We try to help you on every step of your journey, from research, to newest services updates.

We have prepared for you this guide on finding the best (free) accounting software for CPAs and bookkeepers here. 

After reading it, you will discover that there are a few essential areas you should focus on when picking the best one:

  1. Is it easy to use?
  2. What are the best features?
  3. Is it secure?
  4. How does it integrate with other software I already use?
  5. Is it customizable? 
  6. Is it accessible?
  7. What's the cost?

And now you are going to need some additional information on the best softwares. So we have for you the back-to-back comparison of two important cloud accounting software solutions: Quickbooks Intuit and ZarMoney

Not convinced yet about the best solution for you and your business? Ask your local accountant what does he think like a professional about this powerful software for this price.

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