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Top 10 Must-Have Wholesale Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory efficiently is important for wholesalers looking to optimize their operations and maximize profitability. With the rise of technology, a variety of powerful inventory mana...
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4 Best Wholesale Invoicing Software

Invoices are an essential element in business transactions. They are proof and records of all purchases and sales that an enterprise generates. Most businesses now operate online, making it imperative that Invoice and order tracking systems evolve accordingly. Sophisticated cloud-based software has replaced paper-based receipts and manual cash collection. These software organize, generate, and track invoices and payments.

Nowadays, retail businesses use software to create invoices and process payments conveniently. Wholesale businesses operate on both cash and credit basis; thus, their financial processing is trickier, and the need for reliable wholesale invoicing software is greater. The perfect software is the one that generates invoices and manages inventory, orders, and more.

We outline some of the best wholesale billing software that makes invoicing a piece of cake. Read on for top features, pros and cons, and user reviews. 

1. ZarMoney


This US-based software is a wholesome wholesale invoicing software that checks all boxes of reliable cloud-based software that answers all your wholesale business needs. The developers of ZarMoney claim they have designed it with a thorough understanding of business needs. Undoubtedly, the diverse options that this software offers strengthen the claims.

ZarMoney is the best invoicing software and a business owner's haven for every single aspect of transaction and management. What makes it the best invoicing software is its exclusively tailored features to cater to the needs of businesses of different industries and types.


  • Quotes and estimates

  • Complete payment

  • Partial payment

  • Expense tracking

  • Automated expense management

  • Attachment of image, pdf, or document to Invoice or order

  • Multi-location inventory management

  • Order tracking

  • Multiple payment options

  • Automated accounts and bank reconciliation

Top 3 Features

1. Seamless Invoicing from A to Z

What makes ZarMoney the best invoicing software is its all-encompassing features of prompt invoicing and all related processes, such as order billing, order tracking, payment, and updating accounts. In addition, users of this cloud-based software can automate their invoices. They choose their template, add a business logo, and leave the rest to ZarMoney to create error-free estimates, quotes, and invoices.

However, it does not limit to creating and sending invoices only. Sending order updates and tracking to customers keeps them in the loop and ensures healthy customer relationship management. In addition, automated billing allows business owners to focus on other essential aspects of their wholesale business without worrying about sending payment reminders to clients and following up on the bills.

2. Multiple Payment Options

ZarMoney's complete payment processing software options enable users to set up multiple payment options. From paying instantly to paying in advance, or partial payments, Zarmoeny covers every aspect of business transactions. The choice of paying in advance or instant payment on invoices eliminates any payment delays. Integration with several payment gateways means there are no inconveniences in payment processing.

For business owners, too, ZarMoney offers connections with over 9600 banks so business owners can conduct their business without having to worry about opening up a new account in a supported bank.

3. Smooth Account Reconciliation

Sending out invoices is just one part of the entire order management process. Creating and sending invoices is a time-consuming process. However, managing accounts related to a particular order takes time and effort. In addition, the chances of missing out on any transaction lead to erroneous reports and subsequent problems in tax filing.

Thanks to ZarMoney's automated account reconciliation system, a wholesale business owner can save precious time by not sifting through purchases, invoices, and bank accounts. Instead, it keeps all account details, such as payables and receivables, in order and identifies any errors in statements. These features make ZarMoney a trusted wholesale invoicing software and a reliable bookkeeper.


  • Quick estimates and quotes for potential customers

  • Complete features of inventory management, order management, expense management, and other wholesale business aspects

  • Supports multiple payment methods

  • Account and bank reconciliation features

  • Automated account management for tax filing

  • Allows various users with specified access to features based on their job roles


  • Offers paid services only

  • Does not have a mobile application

Supported platforms 

  • Windows

  • macOS


  • Entrepreneur for $15 per month

  • Small business package for $20 per month

  • Enterprise package for $350 onwards per month

  • Trial period

Customer support

  • 24/7 support

  • Knowledge base

  • FAQs

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Chat


ZarMoney is rated 4.7 at Capterra and 4.5 at GetApp. It has also been Capterra’s emerging favorite in financial reporting and accounting software of 2022






ZarMoney is a complete wholesale business solution for inventory management and order management. Its diverse features and accessibility make it the best invoicing software compared to its counterparts. In addition, it has several successful reviews for its error-free customer relationship management. Its top reviews and high ratings make it the best wholesale invoicing software.

2. Zoho Invoice


For catering to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs who start small but dream big, Zoho is the best invoicing software. This free software allows wholesale business owners to create accurate and timely invoices effortlessly and helps with expense management. In addition, Zoho has features that benefit freelancers and small-medium enterprises.

The creative templates allow users to choose their templates and add their logos. It has multiple language support and accessible recurring billing features, so your regular customers are in the loop. In addition, it sends notifications for Invoice sending to eliminate the chances of missing out.

Zoho Invoice has multiple payment options to suit client needs. Its many payment gateways allow clients to make their payments and purchase the product or service they choose. 

Its time-tracking feature makes Zoho Invoice different from other wholesale invoicing software. It is especially beneficial for service-based freelancers who can track their work time. Through this facility, they can also track their paid or unpaid time to present a detailed report to their client.


  • Invoicing

  • Payment reminders

  • Multiple payment options

  • Several payment gateways

  • Customizable invoice templates

  • Multi-lingual invoice creation

  • Invoice creation in different currencies

  • Automated recurring billing

  • Realtime expense management

  • Estimations and quotations

Top 3 Features 

1.  Invoicing on the Go


As mentioned, Zoho Invoice is an invoicing and payment software designed only for freelancers and small businesses. Therefore, it needs features that suit these entrepreneurs' on-the-go lifestyles and work preferences. In addition, to make sure business owners make the most of their business wherever they are, Zoho allows multi-device software options.

Users of Zoho Invoice can use the software on their windows or Mac desktops and laptops. In addition, those who travel frequently or wish full access to their invoices and inventory wherever they may be can download the application on their Apple or Android devices. Even better, Zoho is available on smartwatches, too, for a quick check of wholesale business features.

2. All Invoice Features in a Single Layout

Zoho offers a simple and easily understandable layout that is convenient for entrepreneurs. Both the desktop and mobile layouts have complete details in a single layout. The simple yet elaborate options allow users to overview every aspect of their Invoice.

Users can track their invoice status to check whether their client has viewed it. This intelligent tracking makes sure every Invoice is noticed and acknowledged. It also records the payment status of an invoice. Whether it is pending, in process, or complete, users can have updates on their payments with the Invoice. Not only this, users can keep track of their invoices and make changes accordingly.

These simple yet beneficial features are a lifesaver for wholesale business owners who do not have to sift through different pages of invoicing software to access updates and statuses. Instead, an elaborate layout does it for them.

3. Multi-currency and Multi-Lingual Invoices

Freelancers and entrepreneurs work with diverse clients. This means interacting with them in different languages and handling financial transactions in their currencies. Zoho Invoice understands these requirements and thus offers multilingual invoicing and takes other currencies.

Users have Zoho Invoice as their preferred wholesale billing software to their rescue to create invoices in flawless currency conversions as per clients' local currency. They can also compose invoices in the client's preferred language to ensure communication and understanding. Additionally, an invoice in their native language and currency has a good impression on clients.


  • Free access

  • Accessible on different platforms

  • Time tracking

  • Client Portal

  • Ratings and reviews


  • Limited features

  • No accounting features

  • Glitches in areas of low internet connectivity

Supported platforms 

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Smartwatch


  • Free

Customer support

  • Forums

  • Email

  • Help desk

  • Knowledge base

  • FAQs

  • Multi-location contact


Zoho is rated 4.6 overall on GetApp. 4.6 on Capterra and 4.7 on G2.






Zoho Invoice is a helpful software for small businesses and freelancers. It caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and has all features that financially add value to their business. Its simple yet creative layout helps wholesale business owners to customize their invoice templates and add logos. In addition, it has estimation and time-tracking features that benefit businesses.

3. FreshBooks


Freshbooks is one of the most sought-after wholesale invoicing software out there. It has various features for businesses of all scales and industries, with individual needs of freelancers, professionals, contract-based companies, and businesses with employees.

Freshbooks began its journey from Toronto and have expanded to almost the entire world. Again, it has attracted several users and positive feedback, this time with its all-encompassing features related to accounting. Invoicing, expense management, and time tracking, Freshbooks has been the user's top priority until competitors began doing better.

Freshbooks has multi-app integration for maximized convenience. It also has multiple payment gateways and payment options as per the needs of both the users and their clients.


  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Client portals
  • Estimates and quotes
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-currency estimates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Full and partial payment
  • Billable work hours

Top 3 Features 

1. Automated Payments

automated payments

FreshBooks has features and support for almost all significant business aspects. However, its characteristic of automated payment adds convenience for users. It allows users to send payment reminders to their clients with pending payments regularly. However, Freshbooks takes a step ahead and adds the facility of charging clients' cards automatically.

While some clients may have reservations about sharing their credit card details, regular and trusted clients are charged on their credit cards for whatever amount they pay at decided intervals. These features lessen the burden on people in business who do not have to worry about follow-ups and ‌the software processes their payments without the hassle of a client or vendor.

2. Track Work and Expenses

tracked work

Most freelancers work on a service-providing basis. Such work differs from a sales-based business. For services, entrepreneurs have to keep track of the expenses incurred against the service they provided, for example, the cost of materials to make a customized dress for the client. 

Freshbooks digitizes this process and eliminates chances of error in calculating the material expenses, time consumed in providing services, and their respective cost. With this software, users have the ease of keeping track of their work versus their quoted price. This data is shared with a client when invoices are processed. It supports both parties updated with all expenses, without discrepancies.

3. Recurring Invoices

Regular clients deserve unique services. With Freshbooks, users can create invoice templates for their recurring bills. These bills are automatically sent to clients according to payment times settled.

In case the clients are late in their payments, Freshbooks has features to send out polite reminders to clients. This flawless and timely interaction maintains customer relationship management. In addition, clients can transfer amounts to accounts. Even with this, Freshbooks offers diverse payment options at the convenience of the client.


  • Multi-currency invoices
  • Diverse features
  • Features for all freelancers and businesses
  • Availability on multiple platforms


  • Difficult accessibility
  • No free trial
  • Not for large businesses
  • Fewer customization options

Supported platforms 

  • Windows

  • MAC

  • Android

  • iOS


  • Lite for freelancers for $1.5 per month

  • Plus package for self-employed businesspersons for $3 per month

  • Premium, recommended for contractor-based businesses, for $5.5 per month

  • Customizable plans for companies with employees based on their needs

Customer support

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • FAQs
  • Forums
  • Knowledge Base


Freshbooks is rated 4.3 on GetApp for features and functionality, 4.5 by Capterra, and 4.5 by G2.






Freshbooks offers wholesale invoicing features that cater to needs of freelancers and small businesses. It offers services such as tracking progress of task or expenses incurred in completing an order. It also allows automatic invoices for recurring payments so entrepreneurs do not have to worry about them.

4. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is another cloud-based invoicing software used and appreciated by many users. Although it offers invoicing and management solutions to all businesses, it focuses its target on the small business in particular.

The software offers a wide range of features of automatic invoicing, inventory management, expense management, and more. Accessibility of this software on mobile devices makes it even more preferred among users. Additionally, Quickbooks offers VAT and GST calculation and tracking for seamless tax calculations.


  • Automatic invoicing

  • Multi-currency invoicing

  • Multiple app integrations

  • Multiple payment options

  • Automatic expense management and sorting

  • Expense management

  • Inventory management

  • Inventory sorting

  • Tracking of overdue invoices

  • Multi-device access

Top 3 Features 

1. Complete Recurring Invoices

Generating recurring invoices is a common feature in almost all cloud-based invoicing software. However, the recurrent invoice feature in Quickbooks is all-inclusive. It merges the benefits of all individual invoice services into a single one.

With Quickbooks, users can create recurring invoices for their regular clients. These invoices are issued as per set duration and fixed amount. Not only this, Quickbooks automatically calculates taxes and discounts on these invoices so you do not have to do that manually.

Even better, users can choose the option of sending alert emails and messages of these invoices. These features allow more control yet automation for business owners.

2. Progress-based Invoicing

Service-based businesses usually have milestones or sections of a single project. Therefore, it is best to accept payments according to progress instead of full payment. Especially with freelancers, end-of-project payments sometimes result in issues and frauds. Quickbooks caters to the needs of small businesses with its pay-as-you-go services.

The Progress Invoicing feature allows users to send invoices to their clients based on the milestones achieved in a certain ongoing project. Users can choose from milestone, percentage, or project status basis of receiving payments. With each milestone, Quickbooks automatically sends invoices to clients for payment requests. It also sends regular reminders until payments have been cleared.

3. Tax Calculation

Usually, small and medium business owners are not well-versed in legal requirements of businesses. Tax calculation and filing is top of the list. Accurate filing of taxes is a serious matter, and any discrepancies can lead to penalizing the business. Quickbook comes to the rescue with its tax calculation feature.

Thankfully, users do not need corporate-level cloud-based software to access features related to tax calculation and filing. Quickbooks has easy and automated features that calculate sales tax and value-added tax on every transaction. It then saves these details for users to review later. With this automation, users do not have to calculate taxes and go through mounds of transaction history.


  • Suitable for small to medium business

  • Variety of plans to choose from

  • Available on mobile devices

  • Integrated with multiple apps

  • Regular reports


  • Confusing to navigate

  • Limited options of invoicing

  • No templates for invoices

  • Fewer options of customizations

Supported platforms 

  • Windows

  • MAC

  • Android

  • iOS


  • Monthly and annual payment plans

  • Free 30-day trial

  • Simple Start plan at $5.10 per month

  • Essential plan for $7.80 per month

  • Plus package for $10.80 per month

  • Simple Start billed annually at $152.39

  • Essentials at $233.06 per year

  • Plus package for $322.70 annually

Customer support

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Chat

  • 24/7 support in specified locations

  • FAQs

  • Forums

  • Knowledge Base


Quickbooks is rated 4.3 on GetApp for features, 4.3 by Capterra, and 4.0 by G2.





Quickbooks is a safe haven for all small businesses that wish to have convenient software to track their invoices, orders, and that too on the go. It has beneficial features of automatically calculating GST and VAT which saves time and effort for freelancers who know little about accounts.

Quickbooks is easier to use and navigate, have easy price plans, and also offer a free trial that allows users to explore its features better.

Wrapping Up

Automated, cloud-based invoicing software is the need of the hour. They offer seamless invoice generation and intelligent tracking and updates, saving business owners time and ensuring error-free transactions. There are several wholesale billing software available nowadays. Each promises convenience and multiple features that can make order management and inventory management a piece of the cake.

Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to present a complete overview of the most famous wholesale invoicing software and let readers pick the one that suits their needs best. Although all software promises convenience for their users, Zarmoney stands out from the rest because of its vast interactive features and ease of use. Reach out today to explore more features and tailored invoicing solutions.

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