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A Feature-Rich Waveapps Alternative

ZarMoney stands out as a robust waveapps alternative. We offer advanced-level accounting, inventory, productivity & reporting solutions and capabilities to manage payable & receivable transactions easily. Its advanced accounting procedures and basic accounting features give businesses an edge in managing their financial reports.
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Customers & Accounts Receivable
Wave Apps vs. ZarMoney

Leading Waveapps Alternative - ZarMoney


ZarMoney comes with various customization capabilities and facilitates a glitch-free user experience. ZarMoney boosts the level of productivity and financial management. ZarMoney believes it is excellent customer service. Unlike Waveapps, ZarMoney strongly emphasizes boosting productivity and integrating advanced financial management and cash flow management. 


Wave Apps

Customizable Dashboard


Team Collaboration

Global Access

Internal Notes


User Permissions

IP Access Restrictions

SMS & Email Notifications

Custom Fields

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Waveapps facilitate you with basic inventory management features. However, ZarMoney trumps Waveapps by offering users advanced inventory management functionalities; look at it.


Wave Apps

Split Transactions

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking

Multiple Warehouse Management


2-Step Warehouse Transfer


Price Levels

Barcode Inventory Management


Custom Units of Measure


Real-Time Inventory Updates

Product Categories

Custom Fields

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The accounting capabilities of Waveapps are on par with ZarMoney. Nevertheless, ZarMoney facilitates users to access over 9600 banks and financial institutions in the United States to carry out accounting operations and workflows seamlessly.


Wave Apps

Bank Connections

Bank Reconciliation

Chart of Account

Profit & Loss Statements

Sales Tax

Bank Deposits

Import bank transactions

Funds Transfer

Journal Entries

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Reporting helps you in making informed decisions. Waveapps come with basic reporting capabilities. ZarMoney helps facilitate users with comprehensive insights so that you can make data-driven decisions quickly and save time, making ZarMoney a leading Waveapps alternative.


Wave Apps

Insight ™


Balance sheet

Trial Balance

Account Receivable Reports

Account Payable Reports

Comprehensive analytics


1099 Reporting

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About Us

ZarMoney is a dynamic accounting software solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. At its core, ZarMoney provides robust Cloud double-entry accounting procedures, ensuring that every financial transaction is accurately recorded. In the competitive accounting software industry, ZarMoney is a reliable tool, offering everything from basic accounting features to advanced business management tools.

About Zarmoney

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZarMoney a good WaveApps alternative?

ZarMoney is a robust WaveApps alternative, offering advanced features and a user-friendly experience tailored for modern businesses.

Is ZarMoney suitable for both small business owners and larger enterprises?

Yes, ZarMoney caters to both small business owners and larger businesses, offering scalable solutions for diverse accounting needs.

Does ZarMoney support double-entry accounting?

ZarMoney incorporates double-entry accounting procedures, ensuring accurate and comprehensive financial records.

Can I manage my inventory with ZarMoney?

Definitely! ZarMoney offers an advanced inventory management solution, making it easier for businesses to track and manage their stock.

How user-friendly is ZarMoney's interface?

ZarMoney is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even individuals without extensive accounting knowledge can navigate and utilize its features effectively.

What kind of customer service does ZarMoney offer?

ZarMoney prides itself on offering fantastic customer service, ensuring that users receive timely support and assistance for their queries.

Can I generate professional invoices with ZarMoney?

Absolutely! ZarMoney offers excellent invoice features, allowing businesses to easily create unlimited, professional invoices, setting it apart from other Wave Accounting alternatives.

Is ZarMoney's platform equipped for advanced accounting and business needs?

ZarMoney is designed for advanced accounting & business requirements, offering a suite of tools that cater to basic accounting features and intricate financial operations.

How does ZarMoney facilitate online payments?

ZarMoney supports online payments, ensuring swift and secure transactions. It's designed to handle credit card payments efficiently, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking seamless financial operations.

Is ZarMoney suitable for sole proprietors?

Definitely! ZarMoney is not only ideal for larger businesses but also caters to the unique needs of sole proprietors, offering tools and features that streamline business finances and operations.

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