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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

Are you looking for a QuickBooks alternative with invoicing? You're in the correct place.
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Best Accounting Software for Architects


The blueprint of your architecture firm is not limited to your project designs; it expands to your financial planning, bookkeeping, and financial management. The foundation of your success lies in your architectural expertise and the accounting tool you choose to manage your finances. ZarMoney is one such reliable accounting software for architects, purpose-built to streamline your financial tasks and maximize business efficiency.

In this article, we will delve into the world of ZarMoney, demystifying the unique features it offers to architects, drawing a comparison with its rivals, and finally answering some frequently asked questions about choosing the perfect accounting software for architects.

1.   Crafting Customer Relationships: Customers & Accounts Receivable

The success of any architecture business depends on its relationships with its clients. Therefore, the need for managing and tracking customer transactions is indispensable in ensuring a steady cash flow.

 Customer Relationships

ZarMoney excels at managing customer relationships, seamlessly organizing your Accounts Receivable (A/R), and helping you keep track of customer debts, payments, and invoices. Its user-friendly interface lets you handle all your customer transactions in one place, ensuring that your accounts are always up-to-date.

2.   Designing Your Invoices

As an architect, your invoice is your financial blueprint. Therefore, invoicing represents a critical aspect of your accounting experience, allowing you to bill clients and keep track of income.


ZarMoney provides an intuitive invoicing feature, enabling you to design customized invoices that reflect your firm's branding. In addition, this software automates the billing process, sends payment reminders, and tracks late payments, allowing you to focus on your architectural projects without worrying about billing issues.

3.   Estimating Your Success: Quotes/Estimates

Creating quotes and estimates is the first step in winning new projects. It represents your firm's commitment to prospective clients, showcasing your services' value and cost. Accurate estimates not only help customers make their decision but also send a good impression of the service providers.


With ZarMoney, creating accurate and professional quotes/estimates is as simple as sketching a design on paper. In addition, the software allows you to convert estimates into invoices once a project is confirmed, streamlining your billing solution and enhancing customer satisfaction.

4.   The Financial Blueprint: Customer Statement

A customer statement is an essential accounting feature that provides a clear view of transactions between your firm and your clients. It's like a financial blueprint that architects use to track project expenses and customer payments.


ZarMoney provides a comprehensive customer statement feature, showcasing transaction history, balances, and payment due dates. It allows you to deliver these statements via email, maintaining a transparent relationship with your clients and facilitating prompt payments.

5.   Managing Your Building Blocks: Bills & Expenses

Effective management of bills and expenses is crucial for every business, small or large. They have the same importance for architects, helping them control project costs and improve profitability.

zarmoeny 8-4

ZarMoney's Bills & Expenses feature allows you to record, track, and pay bills within a single platform. With this feature, you can set payment reminders, avoid late charges, and manage your payable process better.

6.   Ordering Your Supplies: Purchase Orders


The Purchase Order feature in ZarMoney is a valuable tool for architectural firms. It helps you track orders, ensuring you have the required project materials. With ZarMoney, you can quickly generate purchase orders, track them, and even convert them into bills upon delivery, simplifying your inventory management and reducing the chance of errors.

7.   Archiving Your Transactions: File Attachment

Just like an architectural project needs a well-organized portfolio, your accounting tasks require a neatly arranged record of all transactions.

transaction status

ZarMoney's File Attachment feature allows you to attach bills, receipts, and other relevant documents directly to your transactions. This feature not only helps in maintaining accurate accounting records but also aids in audit readiness. This feature is especially useful for architects who can attach their designs, blueprints and other key measurements with their invoices to present a clear project outline to their customers.

8.   Linking to Your Financial Foundations: Bank Connection & Bank Account Reconciliation

ZarMoney streamlines your financial management by connecting directly to your bank accounts. It also ensures accurate financial statements by facilitating easy bank account reconciliation.


This means you have the freedom to focus all your abilities and strengths to creating the most unique and functional designs for your clients while your accounts and finances sync in the background.

9.   Sales Tax Calculation

Every business is bound to pay their taxes. Tax filing is a regulatory process. Incomplete, erroneous filing, or failing to do so, has serious consequences for businesses.


ZarMoney's Sales Tax feature ensures you're always in line with the tax laws, providing automatic sales tax calculations based on location. This not only helps in maintaining legal compliance but also simplifies your tax filing process.

10.   Comprehensive Reporting

ZarMoney offers comprehensive reporting features, delivering actionable insights on various aspects of your business. From income and expense reports to balance sheets, these reports help you understand your financial standing and make informed business decisions.


Even better, these reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format with data visualization so you can instantly have a snapshot of your financial health without having to spend hours understanding the charts and numbers. These features offer maximum accessibility and utility for business owners of every professional field.

11.   Profit & Loss Statement

Understanding your firm's profitability is crucial in making strategic business decisions. As architects, you do need access to flawless accounts to see how your business or consultation firm is performing.


ZarMoney's Profit & Loss feature provides real-time insights into your income and expenses, enabling you to monitor your firm's financial health effectively.

12.   Maintaining Your Financial Equilibrium: Balance Sheet


Balance sheets provide a snapshot of your firm's financial standing at a specific time. ZarMoney's Balance Sheet feature provides a clear overview of your assets, liabilities, and equity, assisting you in making data-driven financial decisions.

Comparison Table

The comparison between ZarMoney and its competitors like Bonsai, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero in terms of the features discussed above shows that ZarMoney consistently outperforms its competitors. The software's competitive edge is evident in its powerful features, simple user interface, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, which offer invaluable business insights to architects.





Quickbooks Online



Customers and Accounts Receivable



Customer Statement

Bills and Expenses

File Attachment

Bank Connections

Journal Entries

Comprehensive Reporting


In conclusion, ZarMoney stands as a top choice for architects seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful accounting solution. It offers robust features to streamline accounting processes, facilitate data-driven decisions, and help architecture firms scale their financial management efficiency.

If you are a creative architect looking for accounting software that matches your pace and shares your load, sign up for ZarMoney and be amazed at how well it manages your finances while you amaze your clients with your designs. So why wait? Contact us now to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What should architects look for in accounting software?

Accounting software for architects should have features such as invoicing, billing, expense tracking, project tracking, and comprehensive reporting. Ideally, it must include a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. File attachment is another key feature that can help in client communication and accurate billing.

2.   How can ZarMoney improve my architecture firm's financial management?

ZarMoney can help streamline your financial processes, provide real-time insights into your financial status, and help you make data-driven decisions. Its features, like invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting, are tailored for architecture firms.

Not only this, ZarMoney’s bank connections make sure you can send or receive payments through any bank without delay or issues, providing you with a competitive edge and more streamlined financial operations.

3.   How secure is ZarMoney for my architecture firm's financial data?

ZarMoney employs advanced security measures to safeguard your data. For example, it uses encryption for data in transit and at rest, ensuring your financial records are secure.

4.   What support options does ZarMoney offer to its customers?

Yes, ZarMoney provides excellent customer support to its users to assist with any issues or inquiries. You can reach out to us via email, phone, or live chat, where we answer your questions.

5.   Does ZarMoney offer a trial period?

Yes, ZarMoney offers a free 30-day trial period for its users.

6.   Is ZarMoney suitable for small and large architecture firms?

The short answer is, Yes. ZarMoney offers complete features in a single sbcription plan, something no other accounting software does. This means you have access to all the important stuff regardless of your business scale.

7.   Can ZarMoney assist with tax calculations and submissions?

ZarMoney has a feature that automatically calculates the sales tax based on location. It also helps in preparing your tax filings. With ZarMoney, you don’t just log the tax you paid, you can actually make your calculations to file error-free taxes.

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