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Top 10 Must-Have Wholesale Inventory Management Software

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The Best Lease Accounting Software: Why ZarMoney is best?

As a lease manager, selecting the right lease accounting software can be an uphill battle. Lease accounting software is crucial in streamlining these processes, from invoicing and payment processing to financial reporting and compliance. There's a constellation of software solutions today, each boasting exclusive and unique features and capabilities.

To help you navigate this maze, we bring you the champion of all - ZarMoney. Embracing all key features essential to any leasing business and providing unparalleled service, ZarMoney is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best lease accounting software you could select for your business.

1 - Invigorating Invoicing – Streamlining Billing Processes

Billing lessees can be a tedious task if not done through an efficient system. The absence of a streamlined invoicing feature in lease accounting systems can lead to delayed or missed payments, disrupting your cash flow and potentially harming your lease business's profitability. ZarMoney's intuitive invoicing feature makes it easy to bill your lessees at appropriate intervals, keeping your cash flow and business booming.

2 - Proactive Payment Processing – Ensuring Easy and Secure Transactions

Handling numerous transactions and dealing with complex lease contracts can become a logistical nightmare without the right lease accounting software. ZarMoney's payment processing feature accepts ACH payments, credit card payments online, and pre-payments and helps manage payment terms effectively.

By providing flexible payment options, ZarMoney enables businesses to cater to the diverse preferences of lessees. Smooth payment processing enhances customer satisfaction and ensures seamless financial transactions. This ensures your lease business remains agile and easily adapts to any payment scenario.

3 - Assertive Accounts Receivable – Keeping Track of Due Payments

Missing out on lessees' payments can significantly dent your lease business's financial health. ZarMoney's Account Receivable (A/R) feature helps you manage and monitor due payments, ensuring you never miss a beat and maintaining a healthy financial management system.

4 - Accurate Accounts Payable – Simplifying Expense Management

Without proper software, managing lease-related expenses can become a convoluted process. ZarMoney's Account Payable (A/P) feature offers an easy and efficient way to handle all lease-related expenses and payments. By streamlining the A/P process, businesses can accurately track and manage financial obligations, ensuring timely payments to vendors and suppliers.

With ZarMoney, lease managers can automate the entire A/P workflow, eliminating manual errors and improving financial efficiency. This ensures that your business stays on top of its financial obligations.

5 - Banking on Bank Account Reconciliation – Ensuring Financial Consistency

Reconciling financial data between your bank and lease accounts is pivotal to maintaining financial integrity. ZarMoney's bank account reconciliation feature ensures that your financial data is consistent and correct, providing peace of mind and accurate financial reports. This feature saves significant time and effort for lease accounting teams by automating the reconciliation process and providing a reliable audit trail.

6 - Noteworthy Notifications– Delivering Timely Reminders

Keeping tenants informed about payment deadlines and other notifications is key to ensuring timely payments and maintaining a good tenant relationship. ZarMoney's text and email notification feature allows you to send payment reminders and other notifications, keeping tenants up-to-date and reducing the risk of late payments.

ZarMoney helps businesses maintain clear communication channels by automating these notifications, reducing the likelihood of missed payments, and improving tenant relations.

7- Advanced Access Controls – Safeguarding Sensitive Data

In an era where data is king, safeguarding sensitive financial information is crucial. ZarMoney's advanced user permissions feature allows you to control different users' access levels, protecting sensitive financial data. Businesses can assign different access levels to users based on their roles.

ZarMoney helps lease businesses maintain confidentiality and comply with regulatory requirements by ensuring data security and limiting access to critical financial information.

8 - Cloud Connectivity – Accessing Data Anytime, Anywhere

Accessing your data in real time and from any location is necessary in today's fast-paced world. Cloud access is essential for real-time data tracking and remote work scenarios. ZarMoney's cloud access feature allows you to track data in real time using its intuitive user interface.

This feature enhances collaboration, facilitates efficient decision-making, and enables a seamless lease accounting process so your business can keep pace with the ever-evolving business environment.

9 - Comprehensive Coverage – Reporting for Better Decision-Making

Having access to detailed lease-specific reports is vital for making informed decisions. ZarMoney's comprehensive reporting feature provides lease liability reports, right-of-use asset reports, and interest expense reports. These reports offer deep insights into the financial health of lease businesses, aiding in decision-making and compliance with financial reporting requirements.

ZarMoney's reporting capabilities enable lease managers to stay informed and make data-driven strategic decisions.

10 - Sales Tax Savvy – Efficient Tax Management

Handling sales tax and its complex calculations can be a hassle without the right software. ZarMoney simplifies this process, helping you manage and calculate sales tax accurately and efficiently. This feature ensures accurate sales tax calculations, reducing non-compliance risk and potential penalties. ZarMoney eliminates manual errors and simplifies lease accounting by automating sales tax management.

11 - Balancing Act – Understanding the Financial Health of Your Business

A clear view of your leasing business's financial health is critical to its success. ZarMoney offers comprehensive insights and flexible reporting into your business through its balance sheet, profit & loss, and trial balance features, ensuring you always have a finger on your business's financial pulse.

These reports offer a holistic view of lease businesses' financial position, performance, and liquidity. By providing accurate and up-to-date financial statements, ZarMoney empowers lease managers to make informed decisions and optimize their business operations.

12 - Automated Accuracy – Enhancing Efficiency in Bookkeeping and Accounting

Automating bookkeeping and accounting tasks can save time and eliminate any errors. ZarMoney's automatic matching and expense recording features bring efficiency and accuracy to these tasks, enhancing your business's overall productivity. ZarMoney eliminates manual calculations, reduces errors, and ensures accurate financial records by automatically matching payments and expenses to the appropriate leases.

ZarMoney vs. Competitors: An Unequivocal Comparison




Lease Query


Visual Lease

QuickBooks Online


Payment Processing

Accounts Receivable and Payable

Bank Account Reconciliation

Advanced User Permission

Access Everywhere

Comprehensive Reporting

Balance Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   What should I look for when choosing lease accounting software?

When choosing a lease accounting software, consider its ease of use, set of features, scalability, customer support, and cost. Ensure it meets your lease accounting standards and efficiently manages your lease portfolio.

2.   How does lease accounting software benefit my real estate business?

Lease accounting software solutions help automate and streamline lease administration, track critical dates, calculate complex lease calculations, and prepare financial reports according to regulatory requirements.

3.   How does lease accounting software ensure compliance?

A good lease accounting software ensures long-term compliance with lease accounting standards by offering features such as lease classification, automatic recognition of lease liabilities, and efficient lease accounting tools.

4.   How can lease accounting software simplify payment schedules?

By integrating payment processing and accounts receivable, lease accounting software automates payment schedules and sends timely reminders to tenants, ensuring timely rental payments.

5.   Can lease accounting software handle different types of leases?

Yes, a comprehensive lease accounting solution can handle different leases, including finance and operating leases.

6.   Can I manage multiple properties using lease accounting software?

Yes, property management software solutions, such as ZarMoney, allow real estate investors to manage multiple rental properties efficiently.

7.   Can lease accounting software improve my financial reporting process?

Yes, lease accounting software provides comprehensive financial reporting capabilities, ensuring accurate financial statements and compliance with financial reporting requirements.

8.   How does lease accounting software save time?

Lease accounting software automates numerous tasks, such as invoicing, payment processing, and bank reconciliation, saving your lease accounting team's time.

9.   What is the cost of lease accounting software?

The cost varies according to the features, the number of users, and the size of your lease portfolio. However, ZarMoney offers a powerful lease management software solution at a competitive price.

10.   Is lease accounting software easy to use?

Most lease accounting software solutions are designed to be user-friendly. ZarMoney, for instance, has an intuitive interface and provides extensive support, making it easy even for those with minimal accounting knowledge.


When it comes to lease accounting software, the choice can be overwhelming. Yet, ZarMoney stands out as a beacon in the trusted market for its robust features, user-friendly interface, and unwavering support.

ZarMoney isn't just software; it's a powerful tool that ensures your lease business sails smoothly in the vast ocean of leasing regulations and financial complexities. Go ahead, try ZarMoney, and experience the difference for yourself!

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