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Top 10 Must-Have Wholesale Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory efficiently is important for wholesalers looking to optimize their operations and maximize profitability. With the rise of technology, a variety of powerful inventory mana...
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6 Best Invoicing Software For Contractors

Being a contractor, invoicing could be a challenging task, as it takes a lot of time and effort to perform invoicing and billing. Luckily, there are multiple invoicing software for contractors out there to streamline your billing process.

Now, you can enhance your daily tasks by tracking time and reduce the hassle of delayed payments using invoicing software for contractors. This robust software is loaded with exciting features like instant invoicing, accounting, expense management, and project management. In addition, your invoicing software can help you gain long-term customer satisfaction and retention.

In this blog, we will talk about how contractors can use invoicing software and what are the top of the game invoicing software for contractors to try out now;

1.  ZarMoney


ZarMoney has been working closely with multiple businesses to provide them with outstanding invoicing software for contractors. Our software is specially designed to fit every business's needs. In this highly inflated market, if you are searching for scalable and highly flexible invoicing software, ZarMoney is your best bet.

Our invoicing software is well adapted to provide personalized invoicing templates along with direct billing options. To reduce the hassle of sorting out different payment methods and keeping up with financial details. Now, you can get an easy solution to your invoice management with invoicing software that adapts to your business for your ease.


  • Automatic invoicing and billing
  • Auto Tax Cancellation
  • Bank Connections
  • Automated Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Direct Billing and Invoicing
  • Personalized Invoice templates
  • Direct deposits

Top 3 Features

1.  Invoice Reconciliation
Invoice Reconciliation

Keep track of all your invoices and ensure every transaction is recorded using the invoice reconciliation feature by ZarMoney. Your detail is noticed when you have a vital check and balance. Invoicing software for contractors helps to manage and automate finances and reduce the hassle of manually checking each invoice.

2.  Multiple Payment Integrations

With multiple payment integrations like PayPal and Stripe, you can ensure that all of your customers are turned in. In addition, your customers can make payments as they like with automatic billing and multiple payment options. Multiple Payment Integrations

Invoicing software for contractors liberates your customers from any payment stress and enhances their customer experience. From cards to online payments, your customers can easily integrate their revenues and reduce the hassle of delayed payments.

3.  Personalized Invoice Templates

Your invoice needs to be an identity of your brand. It would help if you had personalized invoices to ensure no one can scam you by making basic makeshift invoices. An invoice with your own construction business's logo and details make it easy to recognize. Personalized Invoice Templates

Moreover, it allows customers to trust your brand more quickly as you are transparently providing services by owning your own name.


  • Entrepreneur: $15 Per Month (One User)
  • Small Business: $20 Per Month
  • Enterprise: Starts from $350 Per Month


With the specially integrated invoicing software for contractors, construction businesses of all sizes can remain stress-free and keep a detailed record of every transactional activity they make. 

Invoicing software for contractors by ZarMoney makes it easy to trace back and enhances the bookkeeping process. Moreover, with multiple payment and bank options, you can give your customers the ease you promise.

2.  FreshBooks


FreshBooks is the way to go if you are a contractor looking for robust invoicing software. They provide easy and accessible invoicing solutions to small businesses and contractors. It is a popular cloud-based invoicing software with an easy user interface, making it convenient to use. 

Their website has multiple testimonials proving they are the best choice for any contractor. By providing professional-looking invoicing and expense tracking, FreshBooks works to resolve all financial issues for your business. 

The highlight of using FreshBooks is their free demo for every feature so that it's easy for beginners to use their invoicing software.


  • Time tracking
  • Accurate billing against working hours
  • Project management tools
  • Task and progress tracking
  • Expense tracking and management
  • Business expenses management
  • Financial reporting and analytics
  • Client Portal
  • Custom Templates

Top 3 Features

1.  Client Portal

The client portal feature in FreshBooks establishes it as the optimal invoicing software for contractors by streamlining communications and enhancing customer experiences. Client Portal

This unique feature allows clients to view invoices, make payments, and collaborate on projects in a secure, shared space, thus eliminating miscommunication and facilitating prompt payments, thereby accelerating the contractor's cash flow.

2.  Project Management

Project Management

Along with managing your invoices and finances, FreshBooks allows contracting businesses to track their projects. This means that contractors can control their client and employee reports. This enhances employee management and will enable companies to boost their productivity.

3.  Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is essential to assess your contracting business's financial position in the market. Financial Reporting

Through efficient financial reports and analytics provided by FreshBooks, contracting brands can work to improve their financial health. This also allows contracting businesses to make a solid and informed financial plan.


  • Custom pricing for a customized plan
  • Plus Package: $12 per month offers automation and insights
  • Premium Package: $22 per month for growing businesses


FreshBooks provides small businesses and contractors with easy-to-use invoicing software. You can easily use their personalized templates, time tracking, and project management tools without any complex training. This enhances client management and allows businesses to improve client retention.

3.  QuickBooks


QuickBooks is yet another fantastic accounting and invoicing software for contractors and small businesses. It has been around for a long time now and offers contractors a wide range of invoicing features. With this cloud-based invoicing software for contractors and small businesses, one can reduce the hassle of tracking expenses. 

Their customized invoices and multi-platform integrations allow streamlined financial reporting. Contractors and small business owners can enhance client management and invoicing by acquiring excellent invoicing software specially designed for contractors and small businesses.


  • Simple user interface
  • Easy and customizable invoicing software
  • Expense tracking
  • Expense management
  • Financial reporting and tracking
  • Business finance health management
  • Inter-app integrations
  • Inventory tracking 
  • Payroll management
  • Employee management

Top 3 Features

1.  Easy-To-Use Invoicing Features

One thing that is a must for every invoicing software for contractors is its ease of use. Contractual businesses require a lot of effort and time management to navigate through contracts. If you find it hard to work through your invoices, you can save time and energy.Easy-To-Use Invoicing Features

With QuickBooks' quick navigation and convenient user interface, you can now generate multiple invoices in minutes. These invoices track your business finances and help you retain a record of every move.

2.  Expense Tracking And Financial Reporting

Now you can track your sales and business expenses and check contracting invoice reports all in one place using QuickBooks’ invoicing software for contractors. Expense Tracking And Financial Reporting
It is a great tool providing amazing financial reporting and insights features to manage your financial health for a contract . It is also a streamlined tool to form personalized invoices to avoid scams or fraud charges.

With easy-to-analyze reports, you can now track your business progress and evolve your financial plan according to your needs.

3.  Integration Capabilities

If your invoicing software is not easily integrated with multiple devices, it will give you a headache transferring data on a daily basis. QuickBooks allows easy integration of various apps and tools to your devices.Integration Capabilities

This way, you can manage invoices and communicate with your business partners all in one place without having to switch tabs. Moreover, QuickBooks allows contractors to save your data on the cloud, allowing remote access from anywhere.


  • Simple Package: $5 per month
  • Essentials Package: $7 per month
  • Premium Package: $10 per month


QuickBooks is well-known for its easy-to-use invoicing software for contractors and small businesses. It allows you to carefully enhance your contracts and client management and keep a check on your finances conveniently.

The best part is that with remote access, you can now generate your invoices on the go without any hassle. This saves more time and energy and streamlines your invoicing processes.

4.  Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a great cloud-based invoicing software for contractors and small businesses. It is a tool that allows businesses to generate free invoices on a subscription basis. Zoho Invoice provides fantastic services like time tracking, instant invoicing, and project management. 

Any small business owner trying to reserve their resources but wanting a professional-looking invoice should try Zoho Invoice. With their easy-to-make-and-send feature, any employee or business owner can now make invoices instantly and get their payments in time.


  • Ease of use
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy invoicing
  • Simple tracking and billing
  • Client management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Sales and expense management
  • Personalized invoice templates
  • Mobile app integration
  • Remote invoicing

Top 3 Features

1.  Business Expense Tracking

Business expense tracking is yet another amazing benefit of Zoho Invoice. It allows customers to check their financial situation and reduce any downgrades. It is also a great way to reduce your financial damages. Business Expense Tracking

Your business expense tracking and invoice management can be done more precisely by auto-examining expenses. Zoho Invoice also helps to reimburse any missing payments in time and avoid delayed payments.

2.  Customer Portal

Sometimes you are busy dealing with business processes and need more time to get clients. The customer portal is a great way to enhance your business dealings by giving them self-service. It allows your customers to provide basic information and questions about your services. Customer Portal

This way, they can resolve specific issues and provide customer support when needed on time.

3.  Pricing Estimates

Pricing estimate is a great way to streamline your business invoicing and client management. The client management process is very smooth when you can send your clients a quote for the price. 

Pricing Estimates

An excellent invoicing software for contractors from Zoho Invoice enhances customer communication and improves your client management. Custom invoice templates and multiple-currency management allow perfect client management.


  • Free of cost


  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Capterra: 4.7/5


Having to acquire free invoicing software for contractors doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your privacy. While providing fantastic invoicing services, Zoho Invoice ensures your files and invoices are safe. They provide end-to-end encryption and prevent any selling of data and third-party ads.

5.  Wave


Wave financial and invoicing services are a great way to enhance invoicing for contractors. It provides excellent invoicing software for contractors and small businesses to improve finance management processes.

It is a free invoicing software providing professional-looking, top-notch invoices to small businesses. Along with invoice generation and expense management, it provides accounting and receipt scanning services.

Although it is less robust than other software on this list, it still provides excellent invoicing services for beginners. Wave is your best choice if you are starting your business and want reasonable invoicing software.


  • No additional charges
  • Free invoicing services
  • Accounting tools
  • Custom invoice templates
  • Receipt scanning and recording
  • Account management
  • Business expense management
  • In-app integrations
  • In-house bookkeeping
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free invoicing software option
  • Mobile app installation

Top 3 Features

1.  Accounting Services

Wave is a great tool to help businesses manage their accounting and banking. Along with invoicing, it also allows accounting services and bookkeeping services. This helps reduce payment delays and keeps a record of your account influx and outflux.

Accounting Services

Now, you can easily track your emails, invoices, expenses, and payments without worrying about your privacy with Wave.

2.  Receipt Scanning

One interesting feature offered by Wave is receipt scanning and recording. It allows automatic syncing of your accounting software with Wave, allowing you to access all payments in one place.Receipt ScanningYou can now keep a whole record of your transactions and never miss track of your expenses. Quick invoice generation after receipt scanning and recurring billing for repetitive customers is a great way to automate your billing.

3.  Payment Options

Having enough payment options is a significant hurdle when handling clients. With the right payment integration, you may avoid missing or delayed payments. This reduces the hassle of following up with your customers or clients for payments.

Payment Options

It can also issue recurring alerts for payments to remind you and your clients of missing payments. With in-app integrations such as Apple Pay and Pay Pal, all types of payments can be made easily.


  • Free of cost


  • G2: 4.4/5
  • Capterra: 4.4/5


Wave is a great way to enhance your invoicing software and manage your finances efficiently. You can reduce the risk of missed payments without any delay in payments. Their instant price with a maximum 2-day turnaround time works best for beginners. 

Businesses can generate amazing invoices instantly using their amazing invoicing software for small businesses.

6.  Harvest


Harvest is a time-tracking tool and works as a fantastic invoicing software for contractors. You can now get this amazing software on board to communicate well with your team and clients.

You can also efficiently manage your billing and expense management using Harvest invoicing. Instant expense reports and tracking are great for seamless invoicing and payment management. 

You can now track your time and enhance your team's productivity and project management. This explains why Harvest can be termed an all-in-one invoicing software for contractors.


  • Time tracking
  • Efficient billing
  • Project management
  • Simple invoicing
  • Custom templates
  • Tasks and deadlines tracking
  • Automatic reminders
  • Reduce delayed payments
  • Remote access

Top 3 Features

1.  Time Tracking And Invoicing Features

Manage your expenses more efficiently and enhance your time tracking. Now you can stay tension-free from all invoicing hassles and generate instant invoices in no time. Never delay any payments and perform seamless online payments fast. 

Time Tracking And Invoicing Features

You can also ensure your brand stays within competitors by enhancing customer satisfaction.

2.  Project Management Tools

Improved tracking also reduces any overburden for deadlines, making it easier for you to manage projects. You can also use specific other project management tools like deadline alerts and reporting analysis.

Project Management Tools

This helps your business strive well in the industry while improving client management. Harvest invoicing for contractors also generates instant reports to fast-track your business.

3.  Integration Capabilities

Have everything you need in one place now. With Harvest’s invoicing software for contractors now, you can work seamlessly and integrate different apps for your project. 

Harvest integrates different project management tools, such as Asana, Trello, Stripe, and Basecamp, improving your task planning. 

Integration Capabilities

Moreover, you can effectively communicate with your clients through apps like Slack and Google Calendar. This way, industries of all sizes can flourish well.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $10.8 per month


  • G2: 4.3/5
  • Capterra: 4.6/5


Harvest is an amazing choice of invoicing software for contractors if you want to reduce your hassle of communication and planning. Make instant invoices and send them right away using communication apps and tools. Also, ensure you never miss a client by setting reminders about your payments through integrated calendars.

Comparison Table





Zoho Invoice



Project Management

Apps Integration

Time Tracking


Expense Management

Custom Invoice Templates


Take Home Message

Invoicing can be a very hectic process, especially when you are a contractor. It is important to ensure a streamlined invoicing process to enhance your expense management. You can now give your clients an epic accounting experience to manage time and productivity.

Through this fantastic invoicing software for contractors, you automate your accounting and bookkeeping while managing your finances. So whether it's your staff's payroll or your client's management, now you can reduce excessive delays and improve your customer service.

Get your hands on top-notch invoicing software for contractors like ZarMoney and boost your invoicing and expense management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What are the advantages of using invoicing software for contractors?

Invoicing software for contractors has multiple advantages, including time-tracking project management, expense management, accounting, and app integration. All of these software help contractors grow their business efficiently..

2.   Can I customize my invoices with invoicing software?

You can customize your invoices to make them carry your logo and details. Personalized information regarding your brand can help build brand recognition and customer trust.

3.  What features should I look for in invoicing software for contractors?

There are multiple features you should look for in invoicing software for contractors. But the one that tops the list is the customization of invoice templates, multiple payment options, and account management. This can reduce the hassle of making invoices from scratch and automate billing processes.

4.  How secure is invoicing software for contractors?

Most invoicing software options are highly secure and use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect user data. However, it's crucial to choose a reputable software provider and take steps to safeguard your own data by using strong passwords and following recommended security practices.

5.  How much does invoicing software for contractors cost?

The cost of invoicing software for contractors can vary widely depending on the features and level of service provided. Some software options offer basic features for free, while others charge a monthly or annual fee for more advanced features. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing invoicing software for your contracting business.

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