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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

Are you looking for a QuickBooks alternative with invoicing? You're in the correct place.
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Best Accounting Software for Hotels

If you're in the bustling hospitality industry, you know that managing your hotel's finances can be a complex task. 

It's an arduous undertaking between monitoring your daily income and expenditure, tracking invoices and payments, maintaining up-to-date inventory records, and ensuring smooth taxation processes. 

That's where the best hotel accounting software comes into play! Packed with powerful features, these systems simplify your financial operations and ensure optimum efficiency. So, let's dive in to explore the features of the pioneer of hotel accounting software;

1.   Integrated Multichannel Payment Option

Integrated Multichannel Payment Option

One of the key features vital to the hospitality industry is a versatile payment system. With an integrated multichannel payment option, hotel owners may avoid difficulties in managing transactions from various sources, resulting in slow and inconsistent payment processes. The best hotel accounting software offers a solution to this problem.

Specifically, ZarMoney allows you to process payments from multiple channels, accommodating all forms of payment - cash, credit or debit cards, PayPal, and Stripe. 

This feature improves cash flow and ensures a smooth customer experience, making ZarMoney the accounting software solution for many hotel industries.  

2.   Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a complex and time-consuming task for hotel industries. The absence of an advanced inventory management system can lead to disorganized operations, overstocking, or understocking. However, with ZarMoney, this vital feature is a core part of the offering.

As the best hotel accounting software, ZarMoney helps you automate inventory management, resulting in optimal expense tracking. 

The accounting systems efficiently handle everything from rooms and room supplies to foodstuff and gift shops. With ZarMoney, making informed decisions about inventory control becomes effortless, boosting the effectiveness of your hotel's operations.

3.   Barcode System Integration

Barcode System Integration

In the modern hotel business, relying on manual inventory tracking methods can be a recipe for inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Without barcode system integration, there could be a significant increase in errors and a reduction in productivity. 

ZarMoney incorporates this vital feature in its hospitality accounting software, enabling you to manage different inventory systems through barcode integration effectively. 

As part of the accounting solution offered by ZarMoney, barcode system integration makes it easier to manage your inventory on a daily basis, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.

4.   Real-Time Inventory Updates

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Without real-time inventory updates, hotels can face significant difficulties in managing their stocks. The lack of updated information can lead to poor purchasing decisions and even customer dissatisfaction.

ZarMoney, as the best hotel accounting software, offers perpetual inventory updates to keep you informed about your stock levels at all times. This feature enables you to make timely and effective business decisions, contributing to improved customer service and higher profitability. 

5.   Comprehensive Cashflow Tracking

Comprehensive Cashflow Tracking

Managing a hotel's cash flow without a comprehensive tracking system can be challenging and may lead to financial missteps. Financial management, particularly cash flow management, is essential in maintaining healthy business operations.

ZarMoney provides a comprehensive cashflow tracking system that records all incoming and outgoing transactions. With these valuable insights, you can effectively manage your hotel's financial position and make better business decisions. This feature of ZarMoney makes it stand out among other hotel accounting software.

6.   Automated Financial Statements

Automated Financial Statements

Preparing financial statements manually can be labor-intensive and prone to errors. Without this automated feature, hotels may struggle with reliable financial reporting, which can hinder informed decision-making. 

ZarMoney, as the best hotel accounting software, generates automated financial statements - from income statements to balance sheets. 

This feature is crucial in helping hotel owners make important business decisions based on accurate financial metrics. As such, ZarMoney is a valuable tool in ensuring the financial health of your hospitality business. 

7.   Automated Tax Calculation

Automated Tax Calculation

Accurate tax calculation is a necessity for any business, including those in the hotel industry. The absence of automated tax calculation can lead to costly errors and potential legal issues. 

ZarMoney resolves this issue by incorporating an automated tax calculation feature in its software. This feature ensures accurate tax computation and compliance with regional laws, safeguarding your business against potential penalties. 

This makes ZarMoney a top choice for businesses seeking a reliable hotel accounting software.

8.   Enhanced Security Measures

Enhanced Security Measures

The hospitality industry handles sensitive information daily, making data security a priority. Without sufficient security measures, hotels may risk data breaches, leading to significant financial and reputational damage.

ZarMoney provides enhanced security measures that include multilevel user access and IP-based tracking. This feature assures the safety of your data and boosts your guests' trust in your hotel. 

With ZarMoney, you get a comprehensive hotel accounting software solution that considers every aspect of your hotel's operations.

9.   Remote Access

Remote Access

Without remote access, managing your hotel operations can be a challenging task, especially in the digital age where mobility and flexibility are crucial. 

As a cloud-based accounting software, ZarMoney provides the feature of remote access. This allows you to monitor and manage your business operations, irrespective of your location. 

With this feature, ZarMoney provides a flexible and convenient solution, further asserting its position as the best hotel accounting software.

10.   Operational Monitoring

Operational Monitoring

A comprehensive overview of your hotel operations is essential for identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement. The absence of operational monitoring can lead to inefficient business operations and potential losses.

ZarMoney, as a top hospitality accounting software, offers a feature of comprehensive operational monitoring. With this feature, you get visibility into all aspects of your hotel operations, from cash flow to inventory records. 

This empowers you to make informed decisions to streamline your operations, making ZarMoney a valuable tool for any hotel industry.

11.   Quick Invoicing

Quick Invoicing

Invoicing is an integral part of the hotel business, and any delay or inaccuracy can lead to financial discrepancies and potential conflicts with customers. Without the facility of quick invoicing, hotels may struggle with their financial management.

ZarMoney, the best hotel accounting software, provides a feature of quick invoicing. It helps you create professional invoices in a matter of seconds, making your business operations more efficient. With ZarMoney, you ensure smooth invoice processing that enhances your financial management.

12.   Automated Billing

Automated Billing

Without automated billing, tracking and managing financial transactions can be a tedious and error-prone process. It can lead to late payment reminders, affecting your cash flow.

ZarMoney shines in this aspect with its automated billing feature. It not only keeps your bills up-to-date but also ensures you never miss a payment. This feature not only eases your financial operations but also reinforces ZarMoney's position as the best hotel accounting software.

13.   Optimized Purchase Orders

Optimized Purchase Orders

Managing purchase orders manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Without an optimized system, it can be challenging to handle this repetitive task efficiently.

With ZarMoney, you get an optimized purchase order feature. It simplifies your ordering process and reduces costs, making it a must-have feature for any hotel management industry. ZarMoney proves itself to be a comprehensive accounting software solution for hotels.

14.   Automated Sales Tax Calculation

Automated Sales Tax Calculation

Calculating sales tax for each transaction can be a daunting task. Inaccurate calculations can result in legal issues and financial losses.

ZarMoney, a choice for hospitality services, addresses this issue with its automated sales tax calculation feature. It ensures accurate sales tax computation for each transaction, aiding in compliance with regional laws. 

This feature makes ZarMoney an excellent platform for hotels looking for efficient tax management.

15.   Multiple User Access Permissions

Multiple User Access Permissions

Without multiple user access permissions, it can be challenging to manage who has access to sensitive financial information. This could lead to data breaches and unauthorized access.

ZarMoney's hotel accounting software includes the feature of multiple user access permissions. It helps manage who can access specific information, ensuring security and data integrity. 

This feature makes ZarMoney an affordable solution with advanced features, ideal for hotel owners looking for secure and efficient accounting software. 

Comparing Best Hotel Accounting Software





Multichannel Payment Processing

Automated Inventory Management

Cash Flow Tracking

Robust Security Measures

Customizable Reports

Automated Tax Calculations

Secure Multi-user Access

Online Payments

Automated Invoicing


ZarMoney clearly stands out as the best hotel accounting software, providing a broad range of advanced features designed to streamline your hotel's financial management.

The best hotel accounting software stands as a cornerstone for any successful hotel business. From streamlining repetitive tasks to offering valuable insights into financial metrics, they are an indispensable part of the modern hospitality sector. Armed with the right software, hotel owners can focus on providing excellent customer service while having their financial operations smoothly managed in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   What makes a hotel accounting software the best in the market?

The best hotel accounting software is characterized by its comprehensive suite of features. This includes multichannel payment processing, automated inventory management, robust security measures, and customizable reports. It should also provide real-time financial insights to aid business decisions.

2.   How does the hotel accounting software improve cash flow management?

The hotel accounting software aids in tracking both income and expenditure. It provides automatic bank feeds, updates financial transactions instantly, and generates cash flow projections. This helps businesses stay informed about their financial status and make smart decisions.

3.   How can hotel owners benefit from using the hotel accounting software?

Hotel owners can benefit from streamlined business operations, improved financial management, and automated repetitive tasks. The software offers valuable insights, enhances efficiency, and allows them to focus more on customer service and less on back-office tasks.

4.   How does the hotel accounting software handle tax management?

The best hotel accounting software automates tax calculations according to regional laws. It ensures timely and accurate tax filings, helping hotels stay compliant and avoid potential legal complications.

5.   How important is security in hotel accounting software?

Security is paramount in any hotel accounting software. Hotels handle sensitive information, making strong security measures essential to prevent data breaches. The best software offers role-based access, IP-based tracking, and secure online payment processes.

6.   How does the hotel accounting software support online payments?

The best hotel accounting software supports a wide range of online payment methods. It ensures secure credit card processing, offers multichannel payment options, and updates payment transactions instantly, providing convenience for both hotels and their guests.

7.   Can the hotel accounting software be integrated with other systems?

Yes, the hotel accounting software is compatible with a wide range of other business systems. These include property management systems, ecommerce platforms, and human resources software, providing a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of the hotel business.

8.   How does hotel accounting software aid in inventory management?

The best hotel accounting software automates the entire inventory management process. It provides real-time updates on stock levels, helps in tracking assets and supplies, and aids in making cost-effective and time-efficient buying decisions.

9.   What kind of customer service can I expect from the hotel accounting software providers?

Providers of the best hotel accounting software offer excellent customer service, providing assistance and solutions for any technical issues or queries. This includes 24/7 support, online resources, tutorials, and live chat options.

10.   Can the hotel accounting software handle multiple hotel chains?

Yes, the best hotel accounting software is scalable and can efficiently manage the financial operations of multiple hotel chains. It offers features like access to multiple warehouses, unified financial reports, and management of an entire property portfolio from a single login.

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