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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

Are you looking for a QuickBooks alternative with invoicing? You're in the correct place.
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Best Franchise Accounting Software - ZarMoney

One name consistently tops the list for robust, comprehensive solutions in the diverse universe of franchise accounting software: ZarMoney

Picture this - software that doesn't just respond to your franchise's accounting needs but anticipates them, empowering your franchise to flourish financially. 

ZarMoney has been sculpted to perfection to offer an accounting solution that adds value to franchise businesses. Here's a deeper dive into why ZarMoney is the reigning champion among its peers.

Comprehensive Features Catering to All Your Accounting Needs

1.   Revenue  & Receivables Management

ZarMoney simplifies and streamlines your revenue processes from invoicing to accepting online payments. Features like Sales Orders, Quotes/Estimates, and Recurring Invoices ensure your cash flow remains positive. This system handles every financial nuance accepting pre-payments, setting credit limits, or sending notifications via text and email.

2.   Expense & Payables Management

Say goodbye to hours spent on manual data entry. With ZarMoney, you can manage bills and expenses seamlessly. Print checks, attach receipts, and approve accounts with just a few clicks. This software introduces efficiency into your accounting processes through automatic expense recording and matching.

3.   Inventory & Warehouse Management

Handling your franchise location's inventory has always been challenging. Real-time inventory data and customizable units of measure are just a few features ZarMoney offers. Manage multiple warehouses effortlessly, ensuring your franchise operation remains as streamlined as possible.

4.   Financial Accounting & Reconciliation

ZarMoney offers seamless integration with bank accounts, making bank account reconciliation, fund transfers, and financial statements a walk-in-the-park. Enjoy the clarity of a well-organized chart of accounts and make informed decisions with accurate, real-time consolidations.

5.   Security & Access Control

Your financial records are safe with ZarMoney. Advanced user permissions, restricted IP access, and file attachments are just the beginning. Access your information securely from anywhere, promoting collaboration while maintaining iron-clad security.

6.   Reporting & Analysis

ZarMoney shines when it comes to reporting. Whether you need insight into key performance metrics through custom reports, specific 1099 reporting, Profit & Loss statements, or Balance Sheets, ZarMoney delivers. Make business decisions backed by real-time insight into your franchise's financial performance.

7.   Customer Relationship Management

Never miss an interaction with your customers. Organize client data with custom fields and set up notifications via text & email, ensuring customer satisfaction remains high.

ZarMoney vs. Competitors - A Clear Winner






Revenue & Receivables Management

Inventory Management

Real-Time Access

Bank Reconciliations

Advanced Features

Security & Access Control


ZarMoney has been designed to align with the unique requirements of franchise businesses. Its comprehensive features are tailored to empower franchise owners and operators to manage their day operations effectively and efficiently.


ZarMoney isn't just an accounting software solution; it is your accounting expert, ensuring that every aspect of your franchise's financial management is optimal. Whether it's asset management, cash flow management, or crafting a crystal-clear financial picture, ZarMoney is the tailored cloud accounting software that understands the nuances of franchise management software. 

So, when choosing the best franchise accounting software, you need ZarMoney – an uncompromising blend of functionality, security, and user-friendly design. It's time to take control of your franchise's financial future, and ZarMoney is here to lead the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What should I consider when choosing franchise accounting software?

Look for ease of use, scalability, feature set (e.g., real-time access, inventory management), integration capabilities, security measures, customer support, and pricing options. It should align with the unique needs and structure of your franchise business.

2.  How does ZarMoney facilitate real-time visibility into my finances?

ZarMoney offers real-time consolidations and detailed financial reports, allowing you to view your financial picture from anywhere, supporting informed and timely business decisions.

3.  How can ZarMoney help in the efficient management of multiple franchise locations?

ZarMoney allows you to manage accounts and finances of different franchise locations under a single platform. This includes centralized inventory management and real-time insights into each franchise location's performance.

4.  Can ZarMoney integrate with my existing operating systems and software options?

ZarMoney offers seamless integration capabilities with various operating systems and other software tools, providing a unified and streamlined accounting solution.

5.  How secure is my financial data with ZarMoney?

ZarMoney places a premium on security with advanced user permissions, restricted IP access, and secure cloud storage. Your data is encrypted and regularly backed up to ensure maximum safety.

6.  Does ZarMoney support tax filing and audit trails?

ZarMoney includes features that aid in tax filing by organizing necessary financial data and reports. It also provides a detailed audit trail, which keeps a log of all changes made within the system, promoting accountability and compliance.

7.  How can ZarMoney assist in revenue forecasting for my franchise?

ZarMoney's advanced reporting tools allow you to analyze past and current inflows and outflows, helping you to make accurate and reliable revenue forecasts for your franchise operation.

8.  What is the cost of implementing ZarMoney compared to QuickBooks Online or Xero?

The cost of ZarMoney varies based on the chosen plan and the scale of your franchise network. It is advisable to consult with ZarMoney's sales team for detailed pricing.

9.  How does ZarMoney help in managing labor and payroll costs?

ZarMoney allows you to track and manage labor and payroll expenses efficiently. It provides tools to input employee hours, calculate salaries, and integrate with payroll processing services.

10.  Can ZarMoney adapt to different types of business structures, including fractional ownership?

Yes, ZarMoney is designed to be flexible and can be configured to suit various business structures, including those with fractional ownership. It allows for customizable user roles and access levels based on the system of your business.

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