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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

Are you looking for a QuickBooks alternative with invoicing? You're in the correct place.
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ZarMoney: Best Accounting Software For Exporters

Accounting can be complex and challenging in the intricate world of export businesses. With the global nature of transactions, different currencies, tax laws, and multiple stakeholders, the requirement for specialized accounting software for exporters becomes indispensable. 

Tailored accounting software allows these businesses to navigate the intricate financial landscape effectively, maintain compliance, and focus on the core aspects of their business.

Key Features of Accounting Software for Exporters

ZarMoney offers a wide range of essential features tailored to Accounting Software for Exporters;

1.   Accounting Reports and Bank Reconciliation

Accurate reporting and bank reconciliation are vital for accounting exports. ZarMoney streamlines the bank reconciliation process with automatic bank feeds and bank synchronization, making it the ideal software for accounting firms. 

Without such features, exporters could face inaccurate financial records and time-consuming, manual reconciliation. ZarMoney's bank management capability ensures your bank transactions align with your accounting records, reducing discrepancies and potential financial errors.

2.   Cost Tracking and Landed Cost Calculation

Hidden freight costs and government fees can often lead to a misunderstanding of the true cost of products. ZarMoney simplifies cost tracking, offering features like landed cost calculation. 

If exporters don't have this feature in their accounting software, they may face problems in assessing the accurate profit margin, impacting their pricing strategy. 

ZarMoney’s landed cost calculation takes into account all costs, including freight costs and duty costs, providing an accurate picture of the product’s total cost.

3.   Inventory Management and Warehouse Management

Inventory logistics can be daunting for exporters, especially if they deal with a variety of goods. ZarMoney offers comprehensive inventory management and warehouse management tools, ensuring you have a clear picture of your supply chains. 

Without proper inventory tracking, exporters risk stock-outs or excess inventory, both of which can negatively impact the business. ZarMoney's software package resolves this by maintaining accurate stock counts and optimizing warehouse space.

4.   Export Invoices and Document Generation

In the export business, having accurate, professional invoices is crucial. ZarMoney provides automatic invoices, simplifying invoice posting and invoice processing. 

Without this feature, exporters risk late or incorrect billing, impacting their revenue cycle. Furthermore, ZarMoney’s document generation capability facilitates the creation of other essential business documents, streamlining routine tasks for business owners.

5.   Multi-user Access and Remote Access

The best accounting software for exporters recognizes that business isn’t conducted from a single location. ZarMoney provides multi-user access, allowing team members to collaborate effectively. 

It also offers remote access, ensuring that you can handle your accounting obligations from anywhere in the world. Without these features, exporters might face coordination issues, slowing down their financial operations.

6.   Automated Accounting

In an export business, routine tasks can accumulate and become overwhelming. ZarMoney incorporates automated accounting, thereby eliminating repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, and reducing manual errors. 

This auto-export accounting system can automatically process bank transactions, credit bank adjustments, and unmapped payments, saving valuable time and resources. Without automation, these tasks can become tedious and prone to error, significantly impacting business efficiency.

7.   Tax Management

Exporters face the complexity of dealing with taxes in different jurisdictions, and ZarMoney is prepared to handle this. Its advanced tax management feature can handle additions of tax line to invoices, format options, and more. 

This takes the headache out of tax calculations and ensures you meet all your accounting obligations. Without proper tax management, exporters risk non-compliance with various international tax laws, which can lead to significant penalties.

8.   Payable Center & Calendar

Staying on top of payables is vital in the export business. ZarMoney features a comprehensive Payable Center & Calendar, keeping track of all your financial obligations. 

It provides a visual, organized view of your payables, reminding you of upcoming payments and reducing the risk of overdue payments. Without a feature like this, an exporter might overlook a payment, leading to late fees or strained relationships with vendors. This capability of ZarMoney makes it more than just a software package; it's a reliable business partner.

9.   Automatic Expense Recording

Accurate recording of expenses is crucial for exporters to manage costs effectively. ZarMoney, as an advanced accounting tool, offers an automatic expense recording feature. This innovative tool records all expenses as they occur, providing real-time data about your financial status. 

Without automatic expense recording, exporters could face a delay in updating their books, potentially leading to inaccurate financial reports. ZarMoney’s automatic expense recording eliminates such risks, enhancing financial accuracy and providing exporters with up-to-date financial data.

Comparing Accounting Software for Exporters



Blue Link ERP


Automated Accounting




Bank Reconciliation




Cost Tracking




Inventory Management




Export Invoices




Remote Access



Automatic Expense Recording



Payable Center & Calendar



Tax Management





Final Verdict

The selection of accounting software for exporters goes beyond choosing a tool for bookkeeping. It involves opting for a solution that can manage the intricacies of global transactions, multi-currency conversions, tax laws, and much more. 

A holistic accounting software is the backbone of any export business, driving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and propelling business growth.

Best of the Best

1.   ZarMoney 

As a cloud-based small business accounting software, ZarMoney shines with its automation capabilities, streamlining accounting operations, and reducing manual errors. 

With a robust multi-currency support, efficient bank reconciliation, and powerful inventory management tools, it stands as a top choice. 

The software’s multi-user and remote access features also promote seamless collaboration, making it an ideal choice for export businesses operating across different locations.

2.   Blue Link ERP

Blue Link ERP is another top contender in the realm of accounting software for exporters. It offers an all-in-one solution, combining accounting, inventory management, and customer management. 

The software's robust features like landed cost tracking, multi-currency conversions, and automated accounting operations make it suitable for export businesses. With Blue Link's advanced integration capabilities, businesses can connect various operations, boosting overall efficiency.

3.   QuickBooks

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, QuickBooks stands tall in the world of accounting software for exporters. It offers features like automated invoicing, bank synchronization, and a comprehensive payable center. 

Moreover, QuickBooks provides robust tax management, ensuring exporters remain compliant with international tax laws. Its reporting capabilities also provide valuable insights, supporting informed business decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   Why is specialized accounting software essential for exporters?

Specialized accounting software for exporters simplifies complex tasks like multi-currency conversions, tax management, and inventory logistics, allowing businesses to maintain compliance and focus on core operations.

2.   How does automatic expense recording work in accounting software for exporters?

Automatic expense recording feature records all expenses as they occur, providing real-time data about the business's financial status and ensuring up-to-date financial records.

3.   What benefits does a payable center & calendar offer in accounting software for exporters?

A payable center & calendar provides a visual, organized view of all financial obligations, reducing the risk of overdue payments and aiding cash flow management.

4.   What makes cloud-based accounting software favorable for export businesses?

Cloud-based accounting software allows remote access and multi-user collaboration, crucial for export businesses operating across multiple locations.

5.   What is the role of multi-currency support in accounting software for exporters?

Multi-currency support simplifies currency conversions, reducing manual calculations and errors, and facilitating smooth international transactions.

6.   How does the inventory management feature benefit exporters?

Inventory management tools allow for accurate tracking and management of stock, preventing stock-outs or excess inventory, and optimizing warehouse space.

7.   Why is automated invoicing important in accounting software for exporters?

Automated invoicing eliminates manual billing errors, ensures timely billing, and streamlines the entire invoice processing, contributing to a healthier revenue cycle.

8.   How does bank reconciliation work in accounting software?

Bank reconciliation in accounting software ensures that your bank transactions align with your accounting records, reducing financial discrepancies and errors.

9.   What role does tax management play in accounting software for exporters?

Tax management feature ensures exporters comply with various international tax laws, automatically calculating and applying the appropriate taxes to avoid potential penalties.

10.   Can accounting software for exporters handle multiple types of exports?

Yes, most accounting software for exporters is designed to handle various types of exports, providing flexibility and adaptability to different business models.

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