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7 Best Ecommerce Accounting Software That Can Scale Your Business

Starting an e-commerce business means you'll deal with a lot of numbers and transactions.
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The Insiders Guide to Specialty Stores

Discover specialty stores with ZarMoney

Shopping at a speciality store can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if it’s someone’s favourite candle & body care store. But every speciality store has a top seller and often it’s the popularity of a particular product that can steer a company's wheel forward.

For instance, candle enthusiasts around the world and candle collectors alike, all know how exciting it is when a new line of candles and/or seasonal body care products arrive at their favourite store.

However, nothing is better than the moment when someone can walk into the candle & body care store and smell unique scents that are a reminder of home. Shopping in a speciality store is as much about the experience as it is the knowledge that an employee has, that hidden know-how, especially if the consumer is not familiar with the store in which he or she has an interest in. The needs of the consumer are vital and could not be met without the assistance of a knowledgeable employee.

Speciality Store Product Knowledge

If a consumer is looking for an employee with excellent knowledge of the product in a store, a speciality store may be the way to go. 

However, while shopping in a speciality store can be great, there are also disadvantages that come with shopping at a speciality store - especially related to the fact, that the store won't have all the items one might need in a single shopping.

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Specialty Store Disadvantages

A few other disadvantages that speciality stores face are as follows:

  • the consumer is often not able to purchase all of their needs in one location,
  • the store may have a lack in sales for seasonal and/or trending items,
  • speciality stores lack variety and tend to be more expensive.

Besides, department stores can bring competition to the table that speciality stores are not always able to keep up with. In terms of disadvantages that consumers face when shopping at a speciality store, a major factor that stands out is the fact that a speciality store cannot meet all of the needs of a consumer, forcing the consumer to conduct business at other stores for their other wants and needs. This aspect of the shopping experience can be a tremendous hindrance for a consumer.

Furthermore, if some particular type of items sold at the speciality store dwindles in popularity, the store may see a significant drop in sales. If a speciality store isn’t exactly what a consumer is looking for, a store that’s able to offer more variety, such as a department store can be another great option for the consumer.

A department store allows the consumer variety while providing the freedom of shopping convenience. Though a department store is also a great option for the consumer, it can pose a threat to the financial gain of the speciality store.

This could take place because some consumers may choose to spend their money at the store in which he or she believes will benefit them the most in terms of lower prices and variety.

Also, department stores are able to expand their market, by carrying items that are already available in speciality stores. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to shopping at a speciality store, ultimately the consumers overall shopping experience as a whole, boils down to consumer comfortably and preference.

Shopping is indeed a great experience and being thoroughly informed on the advantages and disadvantages of a speciality store can truly make the difference for a consumer. 

That being said, don't make your business harder than it has to be and ease your pain points where you can - for instance with hassle-free accounting software that will help you keep an eye on your inventory management, on your business finances, and one that won't ruin you.

Try ZarMoney for FREE today. 

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