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5 Best Low-Cost Payment Processing Solutions For Small Businesses in 2024


A payment processing system is critical for small businesses to retain more customers. Being a small business owner, you must provide your consumers with easy and reliable payment processing solutions so they can effortlessly shop with your brand. 

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, payment processing solutions have become of prime importance. When customers shop online, many would like to make their purchases cashless and pay online through their credit or debit card. 

But how can you choose the best payment processing option from the many available? We have compiled a list to assist you in determining which low-cost payment processing services best meet your requirements. 



Payment processing solutions given by a SaaS company are not unusual, considering the fast-growing SaaS sector. ZarMoney is one such software that provides low-cost payment processing solutions to small businesses. 

ZarMoney offers its customers full support when it comes to payment processing solutions. From reconciling invoices to managing multi-platform payments, we are here to help you with everything.

With the online payment processing database, you can keep track of all payment card industry data and update it regularly to know where your money is going.

It is an excellent option for small businesses because it has lower credit card transaction fees than other credit card processing companies. ZarMoney's integrated payment processing software also allows small business owners to establish their business bank accounts in regulation with security standards.

With extra fast online payment processing software, you can set your foot forward among top brands and establish a name among customers with our seamless payment processing services.  


  • 24/7 Online Payment options

  • Built-in notifications

  • Digital Auto-generated Invoices

  • Automated Billing

  • Data-Driven Insights

  • Inventory Management

  • 9600 Bank Affiliations in US and Canada

  • Online Order Management

  • Purchase Orders

  • Auto-tax calculations

  • Invoice Reconciliation

Top 3 Features

  1. Short Payment Processing Time

    If your online credit card payments take too long, you and your consumers will be frustrated. You can keep your consumers pleased and convert them into repeat customers using ZarMoney's dependable, secure, low-cost payment processing services.

    You can update your customer with their quick payment processing time and automatic invoice generator. This will increase their trust in you and increase your transparency. You can also send them invoices via email and keep track of all the bills.

    Your customers can easily purchase and pay for your products instead of waiting for their payments to be processed and filling out complicated paperwork. Secure payment processing solutions can boost your credibility as a small business owner in this way.

  2. Multiple Bank Connections

    It is critical to have payment processing services compatible with many banks. You may need to move banks owing to technical concerns, but that doesn't imply you have to switch credit card processing companies as well.

    ZarMoney is affiliated with over 9000 banks in the United States and Canada, making it simple for small business owners to move from whichever bank they purchase. 

    ZarMoney's auto-integrated solutions for online credit card payment processing ensure a smooth transaction even if your clients use a bank other than yours. 

  3. Versatile Business Implementation

    ZarMoney provides flexible business implementation by offering various online payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. ZarMoney collaborates hard to improve the small business payment system with no additional fees. 

    Our automated invoice creation, online database, and powerful data analytics all contribute to the entire picture of a small business's payment system. 

    Small business owners can use this adaptable software seamlessly to accept their customers' online credit card payments. However, with ZarMoney's fantastic accounting software tailored to your business, small business owners can also improve their bookkeeping.


  • In-built Payment Scheduler
  • Sale Order modules
  • Administrators can modify data
  • High ease of use
  • Simple to understand
  • Seamless transactions
  • Great tech support
  • Accessible from multiple locations


  • The invoice editor is not on the same page
  • No app version
  • Scheduler view printing is hard


  • $15 per month basic package; 1 user only, limitless transactions, unrestricted access to all services, 24/7 customer support.
  • $20 per month; Includes two users, $10 for each additional user, rest is the same as the basic package.
  • $350 per month; 30+ Users, Professional package, Get specialized user training, unrestricted features, and a vigilant representative.


ZarMoney is a smooth cloud-based program that offers customers dependable and secure payment processing solutions.

Because it is a cloud-based credit card processing company, it can be used from anywhere and allows small business owners to integrate many users.

The auto-generation of invoices allows small business owners to cross-check their payment bills from vendors and consumers, reducing human error or mistakes.

Furthermore, with a G2 rating of 4.5, ZarMoney stands out among payment processing solution providers.



Clover is a POS system-based software that offers simple payment processing solutions to various business outlets. It is well-known for providing a configurable POS interface that is clear and error-free.

With payment processing software, businesses can expedite their profit value through efficient payment processing services your customers can trust.

Clover allows small business owners to access services from anywhere, even without a specialized POS system. Its unique feature is a multiplex mobile app that allows business owners to run their operations digitally from the palm of their hands.

It accepts many payment methods and supports end-to-end encryption, ensuring the security of its payment processing solutions.


  • Wireless payment processing services 
  • Mobile app integrations 
  • Virtual payment terminals 
  • Integrated merchant accounts
  • Easy payment reporting
  • Transaction insight generator
  • Customizable POS system

Top 3 Features


  1. Multiple Table or Counter Services

    Clover has slowly integrated new technologies into their payment processing solutions. This has improved not only their POS facilities but also improved the online payment processes. 

    Introducing the "scan and pay" feature, Clover hit the market, especially restaurants and retailers, with a new outlook toward online payment processing solutions. 

    This feature also helps online small business owners add a component of auto-gift card generation and invoice creation.

  2. Pos Independent Transactions

    Instead of having special POS systems holding you back, POS started a virtual terminal service to eliminate hectic POS systems. 

    This virtual terminal runs through the mobile app allowing merchants to control and supervise the transactional activity. 

    Being virtual, it was easily accessible to multiple partners worldwide, making the process more transparent.

  3. Customer Engagement Toolkit

    Being offered during the peak of Covid-19, customer engagement services soon caught the attention of many merchants and small business owners. 

    To make their business processes run smoothly, Clover offered a built-in toolkit to make small businesses easily address their clients. 

    It also highlights how companies, restaurants, and even retailers can survive such vile times without letting it take a hit on their business.


  • Accepts EMV and Apple Pay
  • Easy receipt generation and transfer
  • Ease-of-use
  • Android-supported app
  • Quick Operating 
  • Replaces order registers
  • Hustle-free payment transfer


  • Poor customer service
  • Rude Management
  • Very Costly
  • Unsatisfactory Inventory Keeping
  • The app is a little difficult to use


  • You can get custom quote from their website


If you need to replace your barcode scanner, payment terminal, and even receipt printer, Clover is the best online payment processing software.

However, it is rated 3.8 out of 5 on G2 because of distasteful customer service and slow processing during equipment errors.

It is also a costly option as compared to other payment processing solutions.



PayPal is yet another fantastic merchant account that provides excellent payment processing solutions.

PayPal is also considered one of the oldest methods of payment processing services ever acquired by different companies.

The reason behind this evergreen online payment processing company is its low credit card processing fees.

Small business owners can easily acquire payment processing services through PayPal with its app too.

It can easily connect to your online store and provide services like touch-free payments or buy now, pay later.


  • Low processing fees
  • Easy cashless payments
  • Buy now pay later service
  • Crypto checkouts
  • Brand collaborations
  • Instant invoice generator
  • Security and encryption
  • Customer support

Top 3 Features

  1. Advanced Checkout Solution

    PayPal has been known to offer multiple checkout offers and payment processing solutions to businesses to make customers' transactions worthwhile. 

    With their trending feature, "buy now, pay later," PayPal has yet again hit the market with its charm. 

    PayPal allows customers to decide and rule with their payments, and instead of missing the sale, they can decide the payments in easy installments and pay the brand later through Paypal's account. 

    This way, customers don't decline purchases due to low cash during checkouts.

  2. Convenient Invoicing

    PayPal allows their users to create easy billing invoices that can be forwarded directly to the customer through email. This reduces the gap between purchase and payment and allows customers to pay with no hassle quickly. 

    You can also track your invoice from any connected device. Hence, quickly producing an invoice with your company's logo makes the online payment processing procedure more efficient, professional, and streamlined.

  3. Fast In-store POS System

    Finally, Paypal provides its clientele with an easy-to-install POS system in stores. This system allows cashless payments that are quickly processed via the efficient payment processing system of PayPal.

    This will enable customers to pay on-spot by scanning the QR code and simplifying in-person purchases. Their POS system is simple to install and helps you efficiently run your everyday business.


  • Secure Transactions 
  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Easy to operate and do transactions
  • Dispute feature
  • Easy invoice generator
  • Best customer support
  • Fast service


  • US non-citizens can’t access
  • Difficult verifications process
  • 180-day limitation
  • Keeps transfers on hold
  • Transferring money to bank accounts is tiresome 


  • $0 per month basic plan; accepts in-store and online credit cards, cash payments, and PayPal account payment, includes invoice generator.
  • $30 per month custom plan; includes basic features plus customized invoices, link with popular carts.
  • $0 per month phone plan; includes phone and tablet card payments acceptance, prompt invoice maker.


Paypal is overall a robust payment processing app; however, it is not cloud-based and doesn't provide real-time business insights.

You still need to hire an accountant for bookkeeping processes.

All-in-all, it is a reliable merchant to provide payment processing services rated 4.5/5 on G2.


Shopify Payments

If you are a small business owner already running your Shopify store online, then Shopify Payments is one of the best options.

Shopify provides its users with a great deal of online payment processing services.

Their credit card transaction fees are also relatively low compared to other credit card processing companies.

Shopify also provides its users with a Shopify POS console. This is where they provide business owners an opportunity to rent various processing hardware through mobile-compatible cash register software.

This allows retailers to get past their conventional chip-and-swipe reader and evolve into advanced payment processing services from Shopify.

After setting up the hardware, Shopify allows the owners to open their payment processing solutions for up to 100 different payment processing options.


  • Fraud protections
  • Easy to integrate for Shopify users
  • Multiple payment methods 
  • PCI compliant servers
  • Data end-to-end encryption
  • Monitor your finances
  • No third-party Integrations

Top 3 Feature

  1. Instant Integration

    You can now instantly integrate the Shopify payment services without any third-party regulation. This process is even more streamlined if you are already a Shopify seller. 

    With exciting and hassle-free activation, you can instantly receive your payments. This reduces any hectic activation procedures.

  2. Highly Compliant

    Shopify payments are highly encrypted and provide secure transactions. 

    With special PCI-compliant servers, it is ensured that there are no fraudulent activities on the accounts. 

    Payment data encryption and storage are also reserved and secured with special privacy policies.

  3. Multiple Payment Methods

    What could be more enjoyable for your customers than paying through their preferred network provider? 

    They can select from various payment processing solutions that readily handle credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and American Express payments. This makes your customer delighted and likely to return.


  • Easy to learn
  • Quick support
  • Easy to use
  • Add custom orders 
  • Easy to text or print invoices
  • Great for Shopify stores
  • Generates sales reports


  • Limited in-depth data reporting
  • Manual card numbers adding
  • Non-reloadable gift cards
  • Insensitive scanner


  • $80 per month per location; inventory management tools, limitless worker allowance, set staff roles 
  • In-person credit card rates; includes customer profiling, hardware setup, and customer dealings


Shopify payment is a highly secure and seamless payment processing services provider.

However, it does not support easy integrations with non-Shopify brands.

The Shopify POS system stands at a rating of 4.4/5 at G2.



Square is another impressive merchant forming a link between a customer's purchase and businesses' payment processing.

Through fabulous payment processing services from Square, small business owners can uplift their brands.

It is one of the most hyped online payment processing service providers. With the ability to accept all payment types for offline transactions, Square is a fantastic credit card processing company.

Their POS system is notable as it provides easy-to-set-up hardware and software configurations and whatever pre-configured operation your company needs.

With a highly comparable price, it is great for small business owners.


  • Free card reader 
  • Reliable POS system
  • Convenient invoicing 
  • API Integration
  • Retail and restaurant-specific software
  • Enhanced analytics
  • No additional surcharges

Top 3 Features

  1. Convenient and Reliable

    Square is one of the oldest merchants providing payment processing services. It is a great online payment solution, along with being a convenient retail payment processor. 

    Square is highly determined to give its customers ease of use and a smart setup. 

    To make their services more reliable, they provide a pre-configured hardware and software setup and POS system for smooth operations.

  2. Flexible Payment Options

    It is crucial for payment processing services to allow multiple payment processing options. 

    With a magnitude of payment acceptance ranging from mag stripe to chip strip, it also provides an easy payment processing service for mobile payments.

  3. Affordable

    Square is known for its affordable services and allows payment processing services without additional charges. 

    Their transparent fee system is widely praised by people and heavily acquired too. 

    They provide their service at a uniform rate, don't charge any compliance fee, and process payments within one to two business days.


  • Highly affordable
  • Reliable
  • Highly compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Magstripe, Apple pay, Google Pay, and debit card payments accepted 


  • A little cumbersome to set up
  • No automatic bank transfers from the Square account


  • 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction


Without a doubt, Square is fantastic software, yet, it may be challenging to install on your devices. It is preferable to choose an easy-to-install service.

On the other hand, Square has helped several businesses, and with a G2 rating of 4.8/5, it remains the most popular online payment processor.

The TakeAway

It's high time the small business payment system is redefined with new payment processing solutions to make their customer's credit card payments seamless.

You need to work with the right software that provides efficient payment processing solutions.

With ZarMoney, you can keep the load off of your shoulders and enjoy growing your brand with our highly integrated online payment processing software.

Our loyal support and trustable services would help you retain your customers and grow exponentially.

Get your hands on seamless online payment processing services now!

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