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3 Best Warehouse Management Systems To Look Out For in 2024

Businesses nowadays not only have to focus on maximizing profits and revenues, but they also have to be keen on how effectively and efficiently their operational activities are being carried out.

Businesses that have all of their operational activities well-planned have a competitive edge over their competitors. As a result, modern-day players are making their internal operational activities more well-organized and structured, which leads them to reap lucrative returns.

Warehouse Management is a day-to-day operational activity that deals with numerous sub-operations like Inventory Management, Picking and Packaging, Scheduling Labor, Warehouse Space Management, and Usability. 

Warehouse Management is complicated, and the main reason is that there are several different sub-operations. Although Warehouse Management can be complex and time-consuming, this hectic operation can become viable. 

If a business wants to ease its Warehouse Management, then it should integrate Warehouse Management System (WMS) into its warehouse operations. So what is a warehouse management system? WMS is a software used by businesses to manage their warehouse operations from when stock or inventory arrives to when it is dispatched. 

4 Types of Warehouse Management Systems

WMS can be categorized into different sorts. Let us look at the four main types of WMS and what they offer.

  1.  Standalone Software

    These are used in the day-to-day operational activities of the warehouse. This software can adapt to business requirements as they are customizable. Vendors to businesses provide standalone software. 
  2. Supply Chain Modules

    This sort of software not only deals with warehousing activities but also takes up the whole supply chain operations.

  3. WMS integrated with ERP

    These sorts of WMS work beyond the supply chain and warehouse management. These sorts of WMS are used with ERP and enable accurate resource allocation.

  4. Cloud-Based

    Cloud-Based WMS brings pace as this software allows rapid integrations, protects warehouse confidential and sensitive data and helps reduce expense. 

3 Top-Tier Warehouse Management Systems

Now we know businesses use WMS for Inventory Control, Order Management, and various other warehouse management processes. However, the big question still to be answered is What is the best warehouse inventory tracking system? 

There are several warehouse inventory tracking systems, but only a few names pop up when we talk about only the best warehouse inventory tracking systems. We will list down all of the excellent warehouse inventory tracking systems and thoroughly understand their top features, pricing plans, and for which business model they are favorable.

So let's dive in and grasp important information about fantastic warehouse inventory tracking systems. 

1. ZarMoney 


ZarMoney is a top software solution for warehouse inventory tracking systems. ZarMoney has a variety of marvelous features that makes warehouse management easy. As a result, ZarMoney is the best platform for wholesale businesses to manage their stock levels and keep track of inventory. 

ZarMoney is also highly preferable for inventory tracking in retail and e-commerce. Irrespective of whether your business is small-medium sized or a large corporation ZarMoney is a well-rounded and adaptive software for any business model. 

Top 3 Features 

All of the features that ZarMoney offers are highly-rated and make warehouse management smooth and flexible. However, some features stand out from others in terms of usage and functionality. Let's have a look at the top three features that ZarMoney provides. 

  1. Inventory Management

    The feature of inventory management that ZarMoney offers is extremely valuable for warehouse management. As we know, large wholesale firms have widespread warehouses across a country or region, and managing more than one warehouse can be complicated. The feature of inventory management provided by ZarMoney helps you to manage multiple warehouses that could be in different locations. In addition, with the split-view feature offered by ZarMoney, you can view all the operational status of any warehouse. 

    ZarMoney makes inventory management efficient, and all the warehouse operational information is assembled in one place. Via the internet, all the relevant information regarding inventory could be overviewed. Now with just a few clicks, you can view the order and purchase history, inventory count, and much more. 

  2.  Order Management

    Order Management is one of the most remarkable features of ZarMoney. This feature allows retail and e-commerce businesses to excel in managing orders and ensuring efficient shipment. As the shipment process becomes efficient, customer services boost to a new level. 

    The feature of order management ensures that your customers are always satisfied and that the purchasing process is smooth. In addition, this feature helps your business to improve product visibility in the online marketplace, which showcases all the items that are available for sale. 

    This feature helps you to gain all the information and insights regarding your sales. With order and sales data dashboards, the visualization of all the information becomes accessible. 

    This dashboard is a mixture of accounting, customer services, and inventory information. The complete view of different sales channels becomes transparent and accurate with the information dashboard of ZarMoney. 

  3. Inventory Sourcing 

    Complications are inevitable if a business is managing several sales channels. With a WMS like ZarMoney, not only can these complications be avoided, but the complex operation activity of inventory sourcing can be made easy. 

    This feature helps businesses to structure different sales channels according to the market demands, so the product is sold at the optimal and lucrative price. 


  • Entrepreneur (One User): $15 (Monthly)
  • Small Business (Two Users): $20 (Monthly) *$10 for additional users 
  • Enterprise (+30 Users): $350 (Monthly) 


  • Web Application is rich in User Experience and User Interface 
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable 


  • Not mobile-friendly 
  • Unable to print scheduler view


ZarMoney is a highly-rated software solution for WMS. In addition, it has received an exceptionally high rating on various software review platforms. 

ZarMoney has received a whopping 4.8 out of 5 rating on g2. It has also received an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra and GetApp. 


ZarMoney is the complete software for warehouse inventory tracking and management. Its impressive ratings show how valuable and helpful its features are for businesses. Besides warehouse management, ZarMoney is an excellent choice for accounting management. 

2. Sortly 


Sortly is a top player in warehouse management systems. This software is designed solely for inventory management. One of the key focuses of Sortly is simplifying inventory management so that operations are seamless and as flexible as possible. 

More than 10,000 businesses trust Sortly for inventory tracking and management. This leaves no doubt that for your business's inventory management, Sortly is a subtle choice. 

Different sorts of businesses belonging to various industries avail of the services of Sortly. The industries in which Sortly provides its services are education, construction, medical, retail, and many more. 

Top 3 Features 

Sortly is not a well-known warehouse management solution for no reason. What makes Sortly special is its features. There are numerous features that Sortly provides to businesses that help them to keep inventory management up to industrial benchmark and help them in gaining a competitive edge over their competitors. So let's look at the top features of Sortly that are inventory management centric. 

  1. Inventory Management

    The feature of inventory management provided by Sortly is one of a kind. The Inventory Management feature of Sortly stands at the superlative degree of perfectionism, and why so? Let's look. 

    Implementing and integrating the inventory management system is a hassle and hectic activity. On top of that, the provision of training for employees to operate inventory management software is time-consuming. Surely a business wants to avoid these complications, and they can by using Sortly. Moreover, Sortly is a highly intuitive software that there is no need for training employees on how to operate it. 

    Informational insight provision of inventory is an integral part of inventory management. This is ensured by the feature of inventory management offered by Sortly. Forecasting and auditing of stock and inventory can be done in no time with Sortly. Also, the accurate insight provision helps businesses carry out informational analysis over inventory. 

  2. Stock Scanning 

    Stock Scanning is one of the most important aspects of inventory tracking. Stock scanning is done with the help of a barcode scanner and QR Labels. One of the significant advantages a business has with scanning is that it ensures that inventory is not misplaced and doesn't become subject to theft or loss. 

    The feature of stock scanning provided by Sortly helps businesses to carry out Barcode Auto Look-up, Scan to connect with 3rd party barcodes, and quick scans to check the inflow and outflow of inventory items.
  3. Item Details 

    Having details of all the items in the inventory is necessary. Therefore, you must ensure that all the information regarding every item is present. This ensures that there is the availability of every stock in the warehouse. 

    The feature of item details provided by Sortly helps businesses to keep all information about items and constantly updates them as warehouse operations progress. In addition, Sortly helps your business to add up to 8 pictures of each item, bulk editing of item lists, file attachments (Ultra and Enterprise users), and many more. 


  • Free: $0.00 (Monthly) 
  • Advanced: $29 (Monthly) 
  • Ultra: $59 (Monthly) 
  • Enterprises: Charges tailored according to the business's service needs. 


  • Excellent Customer Service 
  • Easy to Use 


  • Problem with notifications 
  • Filtration of items is not available 


Sortly has received excellent reviews across different rating and reviews websites. Sortly has been a star in WMS. It has received a subtle rating of 4.3 out of 5 on g2, and on Capterra and GetApp, it has received a satisfactory rating of 4.3 out of 5. 


All in all, Sortly is one of the best software that can be used for stock and inventory management. If over 10,000 businesses trust the software, then there is something extraordinary about it. 

Make optimal use of Sortly if you don't want to compromise warehouse management. Flexibility and simplification in warehouse operations are ensured using standout features offered by Sortly. 

3. Fishbowl Inventory 


Fishbowl Inventory is another famous name when it comes to WMS. It has everything a business could ask for optimal and efficient inventory management. Fishbowl Inventory has perfectly tailored its services and features so businesses can manage warehouses without hassle and hecticness. 

Top 3 Features 

Fishbowl Inventory is the hub of remarkable features that can help businesses to manage their warehouses most finely. Let's have a look at the features provided by Fishbowl Inventory. 

  1. Automated Inventory

    Automation in Inventory Management is the feature that provides prime benefits in warehouse management. First, this feature reduces the need for manual counting of stock. As there is no manual counting of inventory and everything is done through automation, this leads to error-free data and less time consumption.
  2. Multi-Location Management 

    Multi-location inventory management enables the warehouse manager or staff to track inventory and its location from anywhere. This ensures that any to be shipped is readily available and easily accessible. 

  3. Part Tracking 

    Businesses must have minute details about inventory items. The feature of part tracking allows businesses to add valuable information like creation date, lot number, unit of measure, and expiration date for every inventory item. 


  • Per User: $4395 (Annually) 


  • Easy to use 
  • Amazing Customer Support 


  • Not affordable for sole traders and small businesses. 
  • Issues while carrying out integrations with other applications 


Fishbowl Inventory has helped various businesses in inventory management, and as a result, it has received fantastic reviews from several businesses, irrespective of which industry they operate in. 

Fishbowl Inventory has received 4 out of 5 on the rating platform g2. On the other two rating and review platforms, GetApp and Capterra Fishbowl Inventory have received 4.2 out of 5. 


Carrying out warehouse management using Fishbowl Inventory is one of the safest bets a business could place. Accurate Inventory counts, smooth operational management, and flexible inventory movement are ensured by using Fishbowl Inventory. 

Wrapping Up 

We have gone through the Warehouse Inventory Tracking Systems list that has helped businesses reach excellence in warehouse management. We have also looked through detailed information about each of the features provided by these top-notch software. 

If we have to choose the best software among the above list of WMS, ZarMoney will take the lead. Its affordability and super-rich functionalities give ZarMoney authority over other WMS.  Now that we have informed you about the most reliable and excellent software for your business's warehouse management, you have to ensure that you use this software in warehouse operations.

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