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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

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3 Best Credit Card Payment Processing Companies

Cash payment is part of history. Every economy and country, the use of credit cards is on a sharp rise. Especially in the US, 4 out of 5 customers pay through credit cards. 83% of the US population owns one credit card. 

As many people use credit cards as a payment method, businesses should also adopt a way to accept payments through credit cards. Businesses with more payment options have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Conversely, fewer payment options mean the loss of customers. 

Why Credit Cards Are Prevalent 

The rise of credit card popularity is due to several reasons. Because there are several advantages associated with using credit cards, let's look at some of the benefits of using credit cards. 

One of the significant advantages of credit cards is that some credit card companies can lend you money interest-free on the condition that you have to pay back the Owings in 40-45 days. This is beneficial as there is minimal cost associated with this sort of lending. 

The second significant advantage of using credit cards is that they enhance recordkeeping. Recordkeeping is necessary for money management, lack of recordkeeping can result in financial disaster, but you can avoid this by using credit cards. At the end of the month, credit card companies send you e-statements of all your transactions that help you with the recordkeeping process. Credit card is the most relevant mode of payment. It comes with many perks. The wide acceptance of credit cards makes them convenient for both customers and businesses. Also, it is one of the best cash alternatives. 

Adding to the advantages, a credit card can be used for emergencies. For example, if you are not carrying cash and have a credit card, you can make payments through it. This makes credit cards best suited for emergency payments. 

One of the remarkable things about credit cards is that it improves your credit score.

An example is when you make a loan or payment through a credit card and repay the amount instantly, your credit score boosts. As the credit score increases, it is easier for you to avail of future loans, as your reliability is a creditor. 

Following the advantage stated above, as your credit score increases, you can also avail of discounts and coupons on your favorite entertainment, like restaurants, cinemas, or hotels. Credit cards help you to get most of your leisure activities. 

Another addition to the credit card advantages is safety. Carrying cash is not preferable. Credit cards provide you with the utmost monetary protection. Moreover, credit cards are more secure than cash. In case of misplacement or theft of credit cards, the banks could be informed. 

They are adding to the advantages mentioned above. Credit cards can stop unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities, ensuring 101% safety for credit card holders. 


3  Top Credit Card Processing Companies

Credit Cards are issued mainly by banks and other financial institutions. One thing here essential to learn for people and businesses is which are the best credit card companies. It is necessary to opt for reliable credit card companies as a business, or a person would have to deal with them in the long term. 

When choosing a credit card company, many factors should be considered. These factors could include monthly or yearly changes to general consumers and businesses. Also, other relevant factors include the pros and cons of availing of respective credit card processing companies. 

We will now inform you about the best credit card processing companies. These companies are globally recognized and have respect for their name. So let's dive in and explore the top-notch credit card processing companies. 

1. ZarMoney 


ZarMoney is one of the best financial software companies can use. ZarMoney offers numerous services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Although ZarMoney is a well-rounded company that provides multiple benefits to anyone, it has also lived up to expectations as a great payment processing software

Top 3 Features 

As we know, ZarMoney is one of the best channels for payment processing. So let's look at what makes this happen and the features that make it suitable for credit card transactions. 

  1. Multiple Payment Methods
    ZarMoney accepts payments from a wide variety of payment modes. As we know, there are numerous payment modes in present times, and each of them should be catered to accordingly. ZarMoney understands this and has a reputable network that is liked by the majority of credit processing companies.

    Famous credit card processing companies like with ZarMoney are Stripe, PayPal, and many others. ZarMoney makes credit card payment processing seamless, flexible, and smooth, which gives the business a significant advantage.

  2. Bank Connections
    ZarMoney has a significant number of bank connections throughout the US and Canada. ZarMoney has over 9600 bank connections. This makes payment processing forms more than manageable.

    As businesses would have a wide variety of payment processing options using ZarMoney, this means that no customer would turn their back, and businesses could also welcome more customers.

    As most banks offer credit cards and it is the mainstream payment method in the US, payments can be made with an easy platform like ZarMoney. ZarMoney believes in creating win-win situations for both customers and businesses. 

  3. Database
    Transaction records are to be taken care of, ZarMoney has a firm belief in this, and that's why all the transaction records are saved into the database of ZarMoney. The transaction data from credit cards, debit cards, or E-Wallets are all protected in ZarMoney's databases.

    The transaction data is made available only to businesses. This helps the company to carry on with the business informational analysis. For example, businesses could analyze various things from this data, like inquiring about the most popular payment pricing method, how many transactions were done through credit cards compared to a debit card, and owning from customers. 


  • Entrepreneur: $15 (Monthly) 

  • Small Business: $20 (Monthly) 

  • Enterprise: $350 (Monthly) 


  • Suitable for US-based business
  • ZarMoney offers numerous other features like Accounting and Inventory Management. 
  • Affordable 
  • Fantastic User Interface and User Experience
  • Easy to use


  • Not preferable for Non-US based business

  • Not mobile-friendly 


ZarMoney has received great reviews and ratings, which are majorly credited to its unique features, excellent performances, and top-class solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Regarding actual numbers, ZarMoney has received impressive scores on famous rating and review sites. For example, ZarMoney has a 4.8 out of 5 on g2 on GetApp, and Capterra ZarMoney has received an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5. 


ZarMoney is a reliable payment processing company for any mode of payment, especially for credit cards. The excellent ratings and valuable features give a business all the right reasons to opt for ZarMoney for payment processing and integrate it into its financial management. 

2. stax 


stax is one of the most popular credit card processing companies in the US. It offers countless features to its users. One of the best things about stax is that it is favorable and well-suited to any business model. 

Stax is mainly popular in handling a large volume of transactions and sales traffic, so managing a comparatively low volume of sales and transactions is a piece of cake for stax. 

Top 3 Features  

Businesses are fond of satx, and why so? Because stax some of the super cool features for them. The features offered by stax help businesses in numerous ways and several business operations.

1. Invoicing 

Invoicing is undoubtedly one of the essential business operations, yet it is time-consuming and full of hassle. But with stax, not anymore, stax makes the process of business invoicing more accessible and more professional. 

The invoicing feature of stax enables businesses to create digitalized and customizable invoices. Also, these invoices can be sent through mainstream communication modes like emailing customers and reminding them about their payments. 

This feature allows businesses to track all payments. Using these features helps companies to analyze and check payments made through various payment methods like cash payments, credit cards, and cheques.

2. Keyed 

The Keyed features offered by stax help businesses accept payments through mobile devices. Digital payments are among the most popular, especially for retail and e-commerce businesses. According to a stat provided by Statista, the digital payments made in the US alone were $1,765 Billion. So a business that doesn't accept online payments is at a loss. 

The Keyed features enable your cell phone to become the PoS (Point of Sale). Accepting online payments is made more accessible with stax and its feature of Keyed. Businesses can now quickly receive payments. Especially one made through credit cards over the phone. The Keyed feature ensures the utmost convenience for businesses for digital payments.

3. E-commerce 

This feature is specially tailored for e-commerce businesses. As e-commerce businesses are growing, there is a desperate need for a platform that is e-commerce-centric, and stax is one such platform. 

E-commerce features of e-commerce help businesses create a shopping cart that can be linked to their online platform—no need to hire highly skilled developers. Stax can do this for you. It is just a matter of a few clicks, and you can add pre-built, readily available shopping carts to your online shopping store. 

E-commerce reporting is also instantly available with this feature. With this feature, e-commerce businesses can gain insights into every second or minute of the online shopping made on their platform. In addition, instant information availability helps businesses with informational analysis and determining popular sales trends. 


  • Growth: $99 (Monthly) 
  • Pro: $159 (Monthly) 
  • Ultimate: $199 (Monthly) 


  • Mobile Friendly 
  • Virtual Point of Sale Terminal 
  • Highly interactive User Interface 
  • Highly recommended for a large volume of sales 
  • Low interchange rate 


  • Not recommended for low volumes of sales
  • Not preferable for small businesses 
  • Expensive subscription charges  


stax has received excellent reviews from all its customers. Due to its excellent reviews, stax has been successful in both customer retention and attracting new customers to its platform. 

stax has received an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 on g2 and s subtle reviews of 4.3 out of 5 on GetApp and Capterra. This is evident that stax is unique software to make the utmost use of. 


The fantastic reviews and features of stax make this platform best for business use. However, like several other businesses, your business should also use stax to become successful and lucrative and gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. 

3. PayPal 


PayPal is a renowned payment processing platform. PayPal is one of the payment processing that started early when there was no concept of digital payments. Now PayPal is one of the big names that provide the service of digital transactions, and they are pretty experienced in it. 

With time, PayPal has evolved its platform, and they have catered to numerous businesses in the matters of Monterey transactions. Therefore, using PayPal as the prime platform for accepting transactions is one of the wise decisions and safest bets a business could place. 

Top 3 Features

PayPal has outstanding features that make this platform of great use. The features offered by PalPal are designed finely and focus on improving business Monterey management. Let's dive in and have a look at these features.

1. Installment Payments 

PayPal provides the features of accepting installment payments from customers. Businesses that accept installment payments are now increasingly using PayPal. The features of installment payments allow customers to pay in parts. 

Installment payments are becoming more popular than ever. Approximately 78% of young adults comprising Gen-Z and Baby Millennials prefer installments payments over upfront payments. As a business, if you provide the option of installment payments using PayPal, you can attract the youth segment of the population, which would result in more sales.

2. POS System 

The feature of POS system is one of the most valuable features for businesses. This feature allows businesses to take ultimate authority over their sales and monetary management. The POS system feature is designed to help businesses boost sales by providing their customers with the utmost convenience. 

The features also allow businesses to manage inventory and track revenue in many other operational areas.

3. Integration

PayPal offers businesses and e-commerce retailers several useful integrations with crucial software. One such great integration is with accounting software applications. This integration help business in many ways. As online payments and transactions take place using PayPal, all the data is readily updated in accounting software applications. This help businesses carry out their accounting operations and keep their businesses and online store operational. 


  • Card Reader: $29 (Monthly) *For first card reader / $79 Additions card readers (Monthly) 

  • Terminal: $199 (Monthly)  

  • Terminal with Barcode Scanner Availability: $239 (Monthly) 


  • Best for businesses with high credit card transactions

  • Best for cross-currency payments

  • Mobile-Friendly Application 

  • Easy to use 


  • Average Customer Service 
  • High Subscription Charges 


PayPal is a highly-rated payment platform. It has benefited numerous businesses with its fantastic features. PayPal has received good reviews and ratings on well-known rating and review platforms. 

On g2, PayPal has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5. On GetApp has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Lastly, on Capterra it has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5. 


PayPal is a fantastic platform to streamline your business sales transactions and monetary management. The outstanding features offered by PayPal ensure that your business is always booming and reaches new heights. 

Wrapping Up 

We have gone through a detailed understanding of all the top-tier credit card processing companies. This information will be helpful for you to make the best decision for your business and its future. 

All the companies stated above are top credit card and payment processors. However, if we talk about the company that stands out among the above-listed names, it will definitely be ZarMoney. 

ZarMoney is better than others because of its super amazing features that are extremely helpful for both small-medium-sized and large businesses. No matter what industry your business operates in, with ZarMoney, monetary management and payment processing are optimized. 

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