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7 Best Quickbooks Alternatives With Invoicing

Are you looking for a QuickBooks alternative with invoicing? You're in the correct place.
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Best Accounting Software With Stripe Integration

Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving accounting industry with our top-rated online accounting software that integrates with Stripe. Simplify your bookkeeping process, accelerate invoice payments, and get real-time reports at your fingertips. 

Say goodbye to manual entry and embrace automatic bank feeds, payment reminders, and more. 

Join thousands of service-based businesses that trust us to keep their financial reports accurate and business transactions seamless.

1.  Customers & Accounts Receivable

Customers & Accounts Receivable

An essential aspect of accounting software that integrates with Stripe is the feature of managing Customers & Accounts Receivable. 

This function is not just about keeping track of who owes the business money; it includes maintaining customer details, transaction histories, and payment terms. The accounting software meticulously organizes all this data, facilitating easy retrieval, and supporting the overall bookkeeping process. 

2.  Robust Invoicing

Robust Invoicing

The Invoicing feature is indispensable for any accounting software integrating with Stripe. Efficiently issuing invoices for goods or services provided contributes significantly to the smooth running of a business's financial operations.

The software's robust invoicing features enable businesses to generate and send professional invoices promptly. This also includes the creation of recurring invoices for long-term clients and automatic payment reminders to encourage timely payments. 

3.  Accept Credit Cards Online

Accept Credit Cards Online

In today's digital era, the ability to accept credit cards online is vital. This accounting software solution not only enables businesses to receive online payments but also ensures that the transaction process is seamless and secure. 

The software's integration with Stripe, a leading online payment processor, facilitates smooth payment gateways and guarantees fast, efficient processing of credit card payments. 

This feature simplifies the process of receiving payments, promoting efficient cash flow and reducing the time between issuing an invoice and receiving payment.

4.  Accept ACH Payments

Accept ACH Payments

Alongside credit card payments, accepting ACH payments is an equally significant feature for any Stripe-integrated accounting software. 

Offering an ACH payment option increases payment flexibility for customers, improving the likelihood of prompt payments. 

This accounting software not only accepts ACH payments but also seamlessly integrates these transactions into the financial reports, contributing to a comprehensive overview of the business's finances. This function enhances the convenience and versatility of online payments.

5.  Manageable Payment Terms

Manageable Payment Terms

Defining and managing payment terms are crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow. This accounting software offers an advanced feature that allows businesses to set specific payment terms for individual customers. 

From setting up early payment incentives to creating payment reminders, the software optimizes the payment process. 

It effectively aids businesses in setting realistic payment expectations and, in turn, ensures more predictable cash flows. This tool significantly contributes to improving financial management and planning.

6.  Notification via Text & Email

Notification via Text & Email

Staying informed in real-time is essential in today's fast-paced business world. This stripe-integrated accounting software ensures that through immediate notifications via text and email. 

Users are alerted about crucial accounting events, such as received payments, due invoices, or bank account updates, ensuring they can take prompt action when necessary. 

Businesses can also set up automatic payment reminders to their customers, improving the timeliness of their revenue collection. 

These timely notifications make the software more interactive and responsive, enhancing its usability and effectiveness for businesses.

7.  Bank Connection

Bank Connection

Direct bank connection is a vital feature in the stripe-integrated accounting software. It allows businesses to link their bank accounts directly to the software, providing automatic bank feeds for a more efficient bookkeeping process. 

Users can view their bank transactions in real-time, ensuring the financial data in the software is always up-to-date. 

This feature significantly streamlines the process of importing and categorizing bank transactions, contributing to the software's efficacy in managing a business's financial responsibilities.

8.  Import Bank Transactions

Import Bank Transactions

The ability to import bank transactions efficiently and accurately is crucial for keeping records up to date. This stripe-integrated accounting software allows businesses to automate the import of bank transactions, reducing the chances of errors and oversights. 

This feature simplifies the accounting tasks significantly by automatically categorizing transactions based on set rules. It helps businesses keep an accurate record of their financial activities, underlining the software's versatility as an all-inclusive accounting solution.

9.  Automatic Matching

Automatic matching is a feature that significantly reduces the manual work involved in reconciling business transactions. 

The software intelligently matches transactions such as invoice payments with corresponding bank deposits, simplifying the bank reconciliation process. It prevents potential human errors that can occur in manual matching, ensuring accurate books. 

This not only saves time but also improves the reliability of financial statements, making the software an essential tool for businesses seeking efficiency in their accounting tasks.

10.  Bank Account Reconciliation

Bank Account Reconciliation

Bank account reconciliation is an indispensable feature for stripe-integrated accounting software. It verifies the accuracy of the financial records by comparing them to actual bank statements, ensuring the integrity of the bookkeeping process. 

The software automatically matches bank transactions with the business's records, flagging any discrepancies for review. 

This automatic bank reconciliation feature contributes significantly to the reliability of the financial reports generated by the software, making it an essential tool for businesses seeking accurate financial management.

11.  Sales Tax

Sales Tax

Calculating, collecting, and remitting the correct amount of sales tax is a critical responsibility for businesses. The stripe-integrated accounting software makes this task effortless with its advanced feature for managing sales tax. 

The software automatically calculates sales tax on transactions, taking into account different tax rates applicable based on location or product type. At the end of the tax period, it generates tax reports, making it easy for businesses to file their tax payments. 

This automated sales tax management feature saves businesses time and helps them avoid potential tax penalties, reflecting the software's commitment to comprehensive financial management.

12.  Chart of Accounts

Chart of Account

The chart of accounts is a fundamental tool in organizing financial information. The accounting software offers a customizable chart of accounts that allows businesses to categorize their financial data into different accounting categories. 

It enables users to have a clear overview of their finances and helps them make informed business decisions. 

This accounting tool is flexible and can be tailored to the unique needs of each business, showcasing the software's adaptability and its understanding of diverse business models.

13.  Strategic Profit & Loss Management

Strategic Profit & Loss Management

Understanding a company's profitability is essential for strategic planning and decision-making. This Stripe-integrated accounting software provides a clear and detailed profit & loss report. It presents revenue items, costs, and expenses, giving businesses an accurate picture of their financial health. 

ZarMoney generates these reports in real-time, providing up-to-date financial information whenever it's needed. 

By offering such critical financial insights, the software supports businesses in their planning and decision-making processes, further enhancing its value as a business accounting tool.

14.  Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet provides a snapshot of a business's financial position at a specific point in time. The accounting software generates comprehensive balance sheets that detail assets, liabilities, and equity. 

The software's ability to provide these critical financial statements accurately and reliably makes it a vital tool for businesses. 

It not only facilitates the preparation of these statements but also allows users to drill down into individual accounts for a more in-depth analysis, highlighting the software's commitment to providing detailed financial information.

15.  Accounts Payable (A/P)

Account Receivable (A/R) & Account Payable (A/P)

Managing outgoing payments is fundamental to maintaining a healthy cash flow. The software's feature of managing Accounts Payable (A/P) ensures efficient tracking of upcoming payments. 

It alerts users of upcoming due dates and records payments as they are made, ensuring no transaction is missed. This holistic approach to managing A/P provides businesses with a clear overview of their finances, making the software an indispensable tool in managing their financial responsibilities.

ZarMoney vs. Competitors



QuickBooks Online


Stripe Integration

Automatic Reconciliation

Transaction Fees Tracking

Customizable Invoicing


Advanced Analytics and Insights


Project Accounting

Budgeting and Forecasting

Automated Expense Tracking


Real-Time Financial Reports




Entrepreneur: $15

Small Business: $20

Simple: $18

Essentials: $27

Early: $ 13 USD per month

Growing: $ 37 USD per month


ZarMoney surpasses other accounting software options by providing seamless Stripe integration, automated features such as reconciliation, transaction fees tracking, and offering comprehensive tools for project accounting and forecasting. 

When you choose ZarMoney, you're investing in a robust, feature-rich solution that is dedicated to optimizing your business financial management and facilitating informed decision-making.

Final Word

Choosing the right accounting software can significantly impact your business's financial management. The features of the ZarMoney as the best accounting software that integrates with Stripe, as discussed above, provide a comprehensive solution for all your accounting needs. 

From managing customers and accounts receivable to providing crucial financial reports, the software ensures businesses can efficiently handle their accounting responsibilities. 

It's more than just a tool; it's a partner that supports and grows with your business, helping you stay on top of your finances and achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How does ZarMoney's automatic reconciliation feature work with Stripe?

ZarMoney's automatic reconciliation feature synchronizes your business bank accounts with Stripe. When a transaction is processed through Stripe, the details are automatically updated in ZarMoney, streamlining your accounting systems and reducing the potential for errors.

2.  How can I utilize ZarMoney's Budgeting and Forecasting tool for my financial planning?

ZarMoney's Budgeting and Forecasting tool utilizes past trends and current data to predict income, expenses, and overall financial performance. It helps you with strategic planning, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and prepare for tax payments.

3.  How does the Project Accounting feature in ZarMoney aid in managing my projects?

ZarMoney's Project Accounting feature gives you a clear view of your project-specific financials, showing costs, income, and profitability. It integrates with Stripe for seamless invoicing and payments, improving your ability to track expenses and manage project finances.

4.  How does the Advanced Analytics and Insights feature in ZarMoney work with Stripe integration?

The Advanced Analytics and Insights feature in ZarMoney uses data from Stripe transactions to identify trends and patterns in your financial data. This comprehensive accounting software provides actionable insights, helping you optimize your business performance.

5.  How does ZarMoney facilitate Customizable Invoicing with Stripe integration?

ZarMoney allows you to customize invoices to fit your business needs. With Stripe integration, ZarMoney enhances invoicing by offering secure online payment options, reducing manual payment entry, and improving customer satisfaction.

6.  Can ZarMoney help in tracking Transaction Fees charged by Stripe?

Yes, ZarMoney's Transaction Fees Tracking feature ensures complete visibility of all costs associated with customer payments processed through Stripe. It provides an accurate picture of your actual revenue after accounting for the transaction fees, aiding in effective financial planning and budgeting.

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