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Best Accounting Software for Pharmaceutical Company

In the highly competitive and regulated world of pharmaceuticals, having robust accounting software is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. As a stakeholder in the Pharmaceutical Industry, you need accounting software tailored to the unique needs of your business, one that can seamlessly integrate Financial Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Supply Chain Management. 

ZarMoney is more than just a Software Package; it's a complete Pharmaceutical Business Management Software Solution that aims to give your company a Competitive Edge. 

In this bustling market, ZarMoney stands out as the ideal solution for Pharmaceutical Companies. Why? Let's delve into the specifics.

7 Key Features of ZarMoney - Shines for Pharmaceutical Businesses

At the core of ZarMoney lies an exhaustive list of features designed to help you streamline your Business Operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a comprehensive solution for your Pharmaceutical Business. 

1.   Financial Transactions Management

From invoicing and accepting various forms of payments, including credit cards and ACH, to efficiently managing bank deposits and fund transfers, ZarMoney simplifies these Financial Processes. It provides tools for setting up recurring invoices, and payment terms, ensuring that your Pharmaceutical Business maintains a steady cash flow.

2.   Accounts & Receivables Management

Customer Relationship Management is seamless with ZarMoney. Manage sales orders, set credit limits, and send notifications via text and email. ZarMoney doesn't just help manage your Account Receivable (A/R); it elevates Customer Satisfaction through proactive Customer Management and Service.

3.   Vendors & Payables Management

From bills and expenses to purchase orders and Payment Discounts, ZarMoney brings ease and order to Account Payable (A/P) management, making managing your Pharmaceutical Products' supply chain easier than ever.

4.   Inventory & Warehouse Management

ZarMoney excels at Inventory Management and Control. Manage Multiple Warehouses, and get real-time inventory data. This is essential for the Pharma Industry, where accurate Inventory Software is non-negotiable.

5.   Accounting & Compliance

With ZarMoney, you're not just keeping your Financial Records in order. The software aids Regulatory Requirements compliance with features like 1099 Reporting and Sales Tax computations. The built-in Audit Trails further safeguard your company's integrity and transparency.

6.   Financial Reporting & Analysis

Gain insights through Detailed Reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and custom Insight reports. ZarMoney helps you understand your Pharmaceutical Business's health, informing strategic decisions.

7.   Security & Access Control

ZarMoney prioritizes your data's security with features like Restricted IP Access and Security Alert Notifications via text and email. This level of protection is paramount in an industry as sensitive as Pharmaceuticals.

Comparison Table - ZarMoney Vs. Competitors

This table illustrates ZarMoney outperforms its competitors in features crucial for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 






Regulatory Compliance

Batch Tracking for Pharmaceutical Products

Advanced Inventory Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Audit Trails

Email & Banking Integration


In the landscape of accounting software tailored for the pharmaceutical industry, ZarMoney emerges as the standout choice. It offers an unparalleled suite of features critical for pharmaceutical companies to maintain compliance, manage inventory effectively, and ensure a streamlined billing process. 

Best of all - ZarMoney is one of the few solutions offering batch tracking for pharmaceutical products - a critical need in this highly-regulated industry. 


ZarMoney is not just a software system; it's a comprehensive, user-friendly solution built for the pharmaceutical industry's specific needs and Regulatory Requirements. From robust Inventory Management to unmatched Compliance With Regulations, ZarMoney stands out as an advanced software essential for success in the complex and fast-paced world of Pharmaceuticals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I consider when choosing accounting software for my pharmaceutical company?

Consider regulatory compliance tools, inventory, and batch tracking capabilities, integration with pharmacy billing systems, security measures, and customizable reporting options. Look for software that is designed with the pharmaceutical industry in mind.

2. How does ZarMoney help with regulatory compliance?

ZarMoney offers features like detailed audit trails and 1099 reporting, ensuring that you are always ready for inspections and audits and that your financial operations are transparent and compliant with industry standards.

3. Is ZarMoney's inventory control sufficient for tracking individual batches of medicine?

Absolutely. ZarMoney's advanced inventory management system includes batch tracking for individual medicine units, critical for recall management and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. What security measures does ZarMoney have in place to protect sensitive financial data?

ZarMoney prioritizes data security with features like restricted IP access and security alert notifications via text and email, ensuring your company's financial and customer data is safeguarded.

5. How does ZarMoney support efficient operations and customer service?

ZarMoney streamlines your business processes with automated invoicing, comprehensive customer management tools, and real-time inventory data, thereby enabling your team to focus more on customer service and less on administrative tasks.

6. What are the subscription costs for ZarMoney? Are there yearly payment options?

ZarMoney offers a range of subscription plans to fit different business needs and budgets, and it provides the flexibility of monthly or yearly payment options for user convenience.

7. How does ZarMoney's feature set compare with other industry software options?

ZarMoney is designed with a comprehensive and industry-specific set of features, putting it ahead of general accounting software in meeting the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies.

8. Can ZarMoney adapt to the unique production process of my pharma company?

ZarMoney's customizable features allow it to adapt to various production processes, offering essential flexibility in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.

9. How does ZarMoney assist with the discrete manufacturing aspects of pharmaceuticals?

ZarMoney supports discrete manufacturing by providing detailed and customizable inventory tracking and management reports, facilitating efficient and compliant production processes.

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