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ZarMoney for Therapists: Accounting Made Simple

ZarMoney for Therapists: Accounting Made Simple

As a therapist, you may be well-versed in guiding clients through their hurdles, but things can get challenging when it comes to the business side of your private practice. That's where ZarMoney comes in. 

This cloud-based accounting software is designed to simplify financial management for therapists, allowing you to focus more on your clients and less on crunching numbers. This article will walk you through why ZarMoney is the ideal accounting platform for your therapy practice.

Customizable Client Tracking: The Backbone of Your Business

One of the most critical aspects of running a private practice is keeping accurate records of your clients and their outstanding payments. Without an efficient system, tracking accounts receivable can quickly become a labyrinth of confusion and missed revenue opportunities.


ZarMoney recognizes this challenge and offers a customizable Client & Accounts Receivable feature. It keeps track of all the information you need, ensuring you never lose sight of your cash flow.

Simplifying the Billing Process: Invoicing Made Easy

Invoicing is crucial to the accounting process of any therapy practice, ensuring you're compensated accurately and promptly for your services. Without an efficient invoicing process, billing can become a headache. Smart and professional invoices are important for a competitive edge for any business or practice.

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Thankfully, ZarMoney's invoicing feature makes billing a breeze. Its intuitive design allows for the quick and easy creation of professional invoices, providing your clients with a clear, straightforward summary of the services rendered.

Encouraging Prompt Payments: Accept Credit Cards Online

Ease of payment plays a crucial role in ensuring prompt compensation for your services. ZarMoney online accounting software offers an "Accept Credit Cards Online" feature, enabling your clients to make credit card payments effortlessly. Your clients can effortlessly make payments through any bank without the chances of missed or denied transactions.

credit card

Without this, you risk losing clients who prefer online payments, or you may end up with delayed payments due to inconvenient payment processes.

Laying It All Out: Quotes / Estimates

Providing upfront estimates can significantly enhance client relationships for therapists offering services with variable costs or packages. Even more crucial is the level of accuracy of these estimates. Erroneous or inaccurate estimates can result in unpleasant experiences with your potential patients.


ZarMoney's Quotes/Estimates feature lets you deliver comprehensive quotes to your potential clients, ensuring transparency and trust.

Keeping Your Clients in the Loop: Comprehensive Customer Statements


Providing clients with a detailed statement of their payments and balances is an advanced feature essential to any successful therapy practice. ZarMoney's Customer Statement feature enables you to present a clear, concise account of all financial transactions, enhancing your clients' understanding of their financial commitments.

Instant Alerts: Notification via Text & Email

Communication is the bedrock of a healthy therapist-client relationship. Prompt notifications and alerts send a strong impression of your practice and highlight it as a responsible institution.


ZarMoney understands this and offers a notification feature. You can send automated alerts via text and email to your clients about their payment status. This not only enhances your client relations but also ensures prompt payments.

Streamlining Payment Expectations: Clear Payment Terms


With ZarMoney's Payment Terms feature, you can manage your expected payments efficiently. This allows you to set clear terms for when and how you wish to be paid, reducing the chances of late or missed payments.

Automating Routine Billings: Recurring Invoices

The practice of therapists and other healthcare providers involves continuous services and follow-ups by patients. Creating invoices for each session can become time-consuming if you see clients regularly. Creating invoices from scratch after every session is an added burden that diverts attention from your practice.


ZarMoney addresses this by offering a Recurring Invoices feature, saving you time and ensuring regular, consistent billing. These invoices are accurate, updated, and automatic.

Cost Control: Effective Expense Tracking

For therapists, tracking costs related to the practice, such as office supplies or professional development, is crucial. Keeping track of expenses manually is not only time-consuming, but has a higher chance of discrepancies.


ZarMoney's Expenses feature makes this process straightforward, enabling you to keep an eye on your expenditure and maintain control of your budget through regular financial reports and insights.

Effortless Financial Management: Bank Connection

The struggle of making or receiving payments from a different bank is real. The strenuous process involves additional transaction fees, chances of delayed payments, and even missed payments from patients or vendors.


Connecting your accounting software directly to your bank account can simplify income and expense tracking. ZarMoney's Bank Connection feature provides seamless integration with your bank and a real-time snapshot of your business income and outgoings.

Financial Accuracy: Bank Account Reconciliation

Bank Account Reconciliation is another feature where ZarMoney shines. It ensures that your actual bank balance matches what is reported in the accounting software. Regardless of which account was used to make or accept payments, ZarMoney conducts efficient account reconciliation for a centralized accounting process and comprehensive financial reporting.

Accounts Reconcillation

This is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records and spotting any discrepancies quickly.

Organized Financial Data: Dynamic Chart of Accounts


ZarMoney's Chart of Accounts feature helps therapists organize their financial data into various categories. This allows for a clearer understanding of your financial position, leading to more informed business decisions.

Understanding Your Business: Profit & Loss Statements

Purchase Order

ZarMoney's Profit & Loss feature clearly explains your business's profitability, a crucial aspect of any therapy practice. It offers a comprehensive view of your income and expenses, helping you identify areas of improvement. Not only this, its elaborate balance sheet presents a clear view of your business's balance so you can make informed decisions.

Strategic Business Planning: Comprehensive Reporting


Lastly, ZarMoney's Comprehensive Reporting feature lets you review your financial health, assess trends, and plan for the future. It provides customizable reports, including revenue reports, loss statements, and cash flow statements, all essential for strategic business planning. 

ZarMoney vs. Competitors



Sage Intacct



QuickBooks Online

Customizable Client Tracking


Accept Credit Cards Online


Customer Statements

Text/Email Alerts

Recurring Invoices

Expense Tracking

Bank Connection


ZarMoney's advanced accounting features, affordable prices, and insightful time tracking capabilities make it an excellent choice for therapists. By choosing ZarMoney, you're not just choosing an accounting application; you're choosing a partner dedicated to the success of your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do therapists need accounting software?

Accounting software simplifies the management of financial transactions, invoicing, tax returns, and reporting, allowing therapists to focus on their clients.

2.  What should I consider when choosing accounting software for my therapy practice?

You should consider features such as invoicing, expense tracking, client tracking, payment collection, and reporting when choosing accounting software for your practice.

3.  Can accounting software help me with tax time?

Yes, accounting software like ZarMoney can simplify your tax returns process, making it easier to file taxes at the end of the financial year.

4.  How can ZarMoney improve my cash flow?

ZarMoney can streamline invoicing and payment collection processes, ensuring prompt payments and improving cash flow.

5.  Does ZarMoney offer a free trial?

Yes, ZarMoney offers a 30-day free trial to explore its numerous features and benefits.

6.  Can ZarMoney help me manage my business income and expenses?

Yes, ZarMoney provides features for tracking income, expenses, and cash flow, helping you understand your business's financial health.

7.  Can ZarMoney handle credit card payments?

Yes, ZarMoney has a feature to accept credit card payments online, simplifying the payment process for your clients.

8.  Does ZarMoney offer customer support?

Yes, ZarMoney offers a robust customer support service to assist you with any queries or issues.

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