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Top 7 Alternatives to Acumatica Accounting

While Acumatica Accounting is a notable accounting software that caters to many business needs, it might not fulfill every specific requirement various businesses have. Hence, the search for...
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How to Succesfuly Prospect On Social Media? By This Simple 4-Step Formula

Tapping into social networks to generate and cultivate leads in a mutually beneficial way provides a path to trade cold calling in prospecting calls for warm contacting. This marketing technique helps you improve your marketing to sales conversion rate to turn potential customers into customers.

Social networking to generate sales is much easier and can be more effective when you consider the best approaches. You may find the following 4-step formula worth reading and adopting when you contact prospects on any social network. 

The 4-step formula

1. Create a marketing centered prospecting plan before you make the first contact on a social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you just decided to start a business or is it an existing business? 
    • If it’s a new business, can a new business generate full-time income if you understand how to market, sell and execute your plan?
    • If it’s an existing business, what is the stage of development of the company?
  • Do you have experience as a network marketer?

           As part of your prospecting plan process:

  • Review or create your mission statement to keep it in mind.
  • Decide which potential customers you want to contact and which social media sites are a good fit for your products or services.
  • If your company is tech-savvy, look into state-of-the-art customer communication platforms that can help you easily connect with leads or existing customers on an ad-hoc basis, whether the future or existing customer or your company initiates the process. 
  • Decide who in your professional network might buy your products or services or could steer you to potential customers.

2. Tailor your initial contact message and follow-up messages to the recipient or the cohort group through personalization based on their interests.

There is nothing as terrible for customers ss receiving generic messages that are meant for everyone and nobody specifically. We all know the feeling when we get generic email from someone, most often asking us to do something. To subscribe, to buy, to register. But how often have you actually registered, subscribed or bought the product? The chances are slim, yet most of the marketers seem cannot learn their lesson.

3.   Provide valuable information and perhaps offers to sustain the connection. 

For this marketing and prospecting step, make your contacts:

  • at the right time intervals,
  • with the right message and tone,
  • appropriate for to their stage in the sales funnel,
  • and include a call to action (CTA) to help you or your sales reps start the closing process.

Decide whether you’re going old-school with a warm phone call or new-school, by making all contacts through their preferred social media platform or another communication method, like texting or email. Which method or methods best fit your business and the prospect?


4. Follow up with existing customers in an engaging way through social media and other types of warm contacts to keep them interested.

They are also prospects for future sales. 

Consider sending surveys to existing companies to measure their satisfaction with your company, your products, and your services. Use the survey to compute a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Celebrate a high NPS or make any changes that you can to improve the relationship with your customers and how they perceive your business.

And keep the communications flowing in a mutually beneficial way.



Using a 4-step social networking approach that fits both you and your prospects helps you generate leads, turn prospects into customers as they move through the sales funnel, and keep existing customers who can buy increasing amounts of your existing and new products or services after the initial sale. This 4-step formula looks like this:

1. Create a marketing centered prospecting plan before making the first contact.

2. Tailor your messages to the recipient through personalization based on their interests.

3. Provide valuable information and offers to sustain the connection. 

4. Follow up with existing customers to keep them interested.

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