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What is Billable Expense Income?

What is Billable Expense Income? If you are running your own business, you must be deeply familiar with invoices and bills. After all, no business can survive without sending, receiving, and...
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FreshBooks vs Quickbooks vs ZarMoney: A Detailed Review

Looking for the right accounting software for your business?

We are here to end your worries and guide you step by step in choosing the best accounting software to help you kick start your business and yield maximum profit from it. 

Simply put, accounting software is an efficient tool designed to record and report all the financial operations of a business. The right type of accounting software for your business can work miracles in streamlining repetitive and time-consuming workflows. Deploying a worthy accounting solution eases cash flow management, billing, and reporting to help you analyze the financial health and growth of your business. 

The top three accounting software for growing businesses are ZarMoney, FreshBooks, and Quickbooks. Even though all these solutions are powerful accounting tools still, their functionality differs based on different use cases and types of businesses. Therefore, buying the best accounting software can be a challenging task as it requires consideration and comparison of all the important features.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the features offered by FreshBooks, Quickbooks, and ZarMoney to help you choose just the right fit for your business type. 


FreshBooks vs Quickbooks vs ZarMoney

In this section, we have compared all the features of FreshBooks vs Quickbooks Vs ZarMoney to give you a complete view of their capabilities - helping you choose a solution that works best for you.




Quickbooks Online


Customers & Account Receivable

Create and Email Invoices

Recurring Invoices

Mileage Tracking


Credit Limit & Credit Hold



Accept Online Payments


Receive ACH Payments



Sales Orders



Order Status



Quick Sales/Sales Receipt


Customer Statement





Accept Pre-Payments



Payment Terms


Notification via Text & Email


Vendors & Account Payable

Purchase Orders






Automatic Matching

Print Checks

Approve Bills



Payment Discounts



Receipt Attachment

Related Transactions



Automatic Expense Recording


Customizable Dashboard



Collaborate With Your Team



File Attachment


Access from Everywhere


Mobile App

Coming soon


Internal Notes



Advance User Permissions


Restricted IP Access


Notification via Text & Email


Organize Customers With Custom Fields




FIFO Cost Methods


Inventory Management


Manage Multiple Warehouses



2 Step Warehouse Transfer



Price Level





Customizable Units of Measures


Real-Time Inventory Data


Product Category


Customizable Product Fields



Item Tracking and History


Compare Received Inventory With PO’s



Create Pick Lists



Split Transactions With Enhanced Inventory Receiving




Bank Connections


Account Reconciliation

Chart of Account

Profit & Loss


Sales Tax



Bank Deposits


Import Bank Transactions


Divisions & Classes


Fund Transfers


Journal Entries






1099 Reporting


Balance Sheet


Trial Balance


Statement of Cash Flow

Coming Soon


Account Receivable (A/R)

Account Payable (A/P)


Comprehensive Reporting



Let's start by introducing you to the basic features and capabilities of the top 3 accounting software to help you pick the software most suitable for your unique business needs. 


FreshBooks is another efficient accounting software that is specifically designed to provide expert accounting services to growing businesses. It was awarded as a “Leader in the Fall 2017 Small-Business Accounting Grid Report” based on customer satisfaction and market performance.

FreshBooks allows you to send invoices to your clients and receive timely payment for your product or service. It deals with all types of accounting documents and invoices and is very flexible and  user-friendly in terms of approach. 

Moreover, its time tracking feature keeps you informed thereby, enabling you to accurately invoice your bill according to the worth of service provided. FreshBooks also has a mobile app that helps you efficiently track your accounting processes anywhere anytime. 


Quickbooks is a feature-rich accounting software offered by intuit. It allows you to effortlessly manage your business accounts from anywhere. With its user-friendly interface, getting started and managing your finances becomes a lot easier. 

Of the numerous features offered by Quickbooks, some of the most important ones include: creating and sending invoices and estimates, receiving notifications for overdue invoices, organizing expenses, payment tracking and recording of sales, customized tax for businesses, and balance sheets along with P&Ls.

Moreover, the highly visual dashboards and real-time reports help you to get a bird’s eye view of all the financial processes thereby, allowing you to gain full control of operations. Quickbooks is a software built to meet all the accounting needs of your business and integrates with almost 80+ partner apps making it more feasible for you to use it along with your other favorite apps.


ZarMoney is robust accounting software that includes all the features a business needs to efficiently run its finances. It is a one-stop accounting solution that can be used for both small and large businesses. Hence, making it an ideal choice for all. 

Organizations can manage their finances and inventories effortlessly with ZarMoney’s powerful features as it helps businesses and directs them to a profitable route. The software assists the users in creating and sending invoices instantly. Further, the “Pay Now” option makes receiving payments easier and saves time. 

ZarMoney smartly equips your business to provide quotes and accurate estimates by using its product-specific parameters and a visible dashboard. From managing bills, expenses, purchases, and sales orders to printing checks and reporting, ZarMoney is a one-stop solution with a user-friendly interface that helps you stay on top of all accounting workflows.

Know What Are You Looking For

Many people think that Quickbooks, FreshBooks, and ZarMoney are designed for the similar purpose of managing accounts for businesses, but this is commonly misperceived.

Quickbooks is a perfect fit for businesses that focus on selling products and need scalable, fully functional accounting software. Whereas FreshBooks is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses that are usually service-based - helping them track expenses and revenue with ease.

ZarMoney, on the other hand, is intuitive accounting software that provides full-scale accounting services for small, medium, and large-sized businesses - facilitating users with all the features needed to start and progressively grow a business. It is best known for its collaboration, invoicing, productivity, inventory management, and user-friendly interface. 

Invoicing Capabilities

FreshBooks offers a customizable design for invoices with an integrated click-to-pay feature for online invoices. Billable hours are directly pulled from the timekeeping feature. 

Another intriguing feature is automatic invoicing, which automatically generates invoices of billable hours and recurring bills. Data fields can be re-adjusted with the drag and drop feature. Further, the tool allows users to follow up with clients or send payment reminders.

Quickbooks gives you control to customize invoice design. Moreover, the tool allows clients to pay directly from the invoice through the click to pay feature. In addition, Quickbooks integrates with third-party tools like Google Calendar and TSheets to extract billable hours and add them to the invoices. In addition, automated recurring payments and reminders for overdue payments are also possible with Quickbooks.

ZarMoney allows you to use a variety of ready-to-use invoicing templates or create one best suited for your needs from scratch. You can also modify existing invoice templates to best fit the requirements. It enables its users to automate billing by generating and dispatching invoices within seconds.

ZarMoney allows you to manage invoices digitally and enables you to effortlessly track the status of bills or approve invoices. In addition, ZarMoney offers accounts reconciliation capabilities along with payable and receivable management.  

Inventory Management

Quickbooks has a robust, built-in inventory tracking feature, which enables you to track inventory and timely make purchase orders for specific products based on the inventory output report. Therefore, ensuring that you never have to face errors resulting from over or underselling of the stock.

FreshBooks has recently added inventory tracking to its services. It allows you to easily track your inventory and it automatically updates the stock amount on every successful sale. However, it does have a few integrations that offer basic inventory management. 

ZarMoney lives up to its market expectations by providing you with advanced inventory management features. It efficiently tracks your stock levels across different warehouses, supports automated inventory management through its barcode system, and links the inventory database with your POS to instantly update your records after each transaction.

ZarMoney’s alerts and notifications keep users up to date with inventory levels in real-time - enabling you to make informed restocking decisions and ensuring that you don’t have to face the problems like over or under-stocking. 

Ease of Use

FreshBooks' new design is specifically designed for self-employed individuals. According to Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder of FreshBooks:

“The new FreshBooks is designed to be the most ridiculously easy to use accounting software ever built — yet still packed with powerful features for self-employed professionals. This isn’t innovation for innovation’s sake. This is about making it easier for self-employed professionals to succeed because it’s hard enough being out on your own serving your clients.”

Quickbooks is equipped with a modern UI specifically designed to be user-friendly, especially for those who lack a strong accounting background. The downside is that some of the features can be hard to find and users might need to access the help feature to explore the hidden capabilities of the tool.

ZarMoney’s UI is simple and easy to understand. The accounting solution doesn’t bombard users with a lot of command operations and bulky menu bars. The flow is logical and users can get familiar with the tool in no time. ZarMoney gives users freedom of customization and allows them to navigate through different features with just a couple of clicks. 

Reporting and Analytics

Quickbooks' reporting feature allows you to access custom reports, most of which cover the domain of accounting. Each group of reports consists of sub-reports that provide all the necessary details you or your accounting team needs for proper analysis. The downside is that many of the reports need manual input. As of now, Quickbooks offers the following report options:

FreshBooks' reporting focuses on profit margins with the main focus on payment collections and taxation. FreshBooks generates profit and loss reports which are important for any business that saves a lot of time and makes your tax season stress free. As of now, FreshBooks offers the following reporting options:

ZarMoney’s reporting capabilities are a bit advanced compared to its counterparts. The tool provides in-depth insights to facilitate informed decisions. ZarMoney gives you the following report options:

Let's Talk Integrations 

When deciding on which accounting software to use, one of the most important features to consider is the tool’s ability to integrate with other software. Since robust integrations are vital to optimizing and improving the tool’s efficiency, let's explore the integrations of the three solutions we’ve been discussing. 

Quickbooks offers over 400 integrations to help you automate work and let users focus on things that matter most. To ensure complete visibility and control over your financial operations, Quickbooks allows integration with banks, payment software, e-commerce platforms, and CRMs. Moreover, supported integration options for other helpful tools like PayPal and ReceiptBank keep you updated with all the necessary details concerning payments.

FreshBooks integrations allow you to effortlessly connect with the apps you use. This not only automates your workflows but also saves you time to focus on other key areas of your business. There are currently 21 categories of apps that FreshBooks can connect with including, Analytics, Payments, Payroll, Tax Help, Customer Support, Lead Tracking, and Marketing. Some of the top picks include; Gusto, Stripe, Zapier, Bench, G Suite, and Fundbox.


ZarMoney comes with great integrations as well. It offers integrations with thousands of apps allowing you to keep using the software you need for the successful running of your business and that too hitch-free. Some of the important apps supported by ZarMoney are Shopify, Stripe, PayPal,  Zapier, Gusto, Authorize.Net, Mailchimp, AutoEntry, WePay, and more.  

Price Plans


FreshBooks is a perfect choice if you have a limited budget and don’t have to manage a lot of clients. For solopreneurs, having 5 or less than 5 clients can use its Lite version. In this plan, you can create invoices, create estimates, track your time, accept credit card payments, conduct online bank transfers, and get tax reports. 

The Plus Plan is designed for growing businesses. In addition to the features offered by Lite Plan, Plus Plan allows you to manage up to 50 clients, get unlimited proposals and schedule late fees. 

Thirdly, the Premium Plan helps you to manage 500 clients and offers optional add-ons such as advanced payments (charged $20 on monthly basis) and other team members who can use your account (charged $10 per person). 

Moreover, if you are working at a large scale and have greater accounting needs, FreshBooks offers a customized plan, tailored to best serve your needs. 


Quickbooks offers three types of pricing plans to address your different needs. The Simple Start plan is a Self-Employed plan that allows you to track your expenses and income, estimate taxes, and organize receipts. The simple plan enables you to maximize your tax deductions, send estimates, accept payments and manage more than 1000 contractors. 

The essentials plan allows you to manage bills,  track time, and add up to three users at a single time. Finally, the plus plan equips your business with the additional ability to extract comprehensive reports, track  the profitability of your projects, send estimates, and track inventory.


ZarMoney has three types of pricing plans to offer - entrepreneur, small business, and enterprise. The entrepreneur plan is built for a single user. It charges $15 per month, making it the most economical accounting software available in the market.

The small business plan includes 2 users and charges 10$ for each additional user. It offers unlimited transactions, full access to all features, and 24/7 customer support. Lastly, the enterprise plan is designed for businesses that require thirty or more members to access the accounting solution. In addition to the standard features, ZarMoney offers a few additional features for its enterprise customers including Implementation assistance, dedicated account representative, custom training, and priority support. 

Final Verdict

The solutions discussed in this article offer a variety of features to help you manage accounting workflows with ease. However, each software has its own set of capabilities and limitations. Therefore, you need to work around the features that are most suitable for your needs and choose a solution that suffices. 

While FreshBooks is an excellent option for solopreneurs and small businesses, Quickbooks is a much stronger accounting tool to cater to all the financial needs of a business. ZarMoney, on the other hand, provides an extensive list of features best suited for small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

This may sound a bit biased, but, ZarMoney is one of the best if not the best accounting software to exist - providing users with a variety of features at an affordable price. We have provided you with a detailed comparison of the tools based on the features they offer - providing you with all the data that you need to make an informed decision.

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