There are several reasons why companies require deposit’s on goods or services that are yet to be delivered. High cost to produce the product, customization to customer’s specifications, poor credit, and holding the product for a customer are typical reasons for requiring a deposit prior to delivery of your products or services.

Attach and Detach Payments

You can add a prepayment to a sales order or detach it to be a credit on account.

Global and Incidental Flexibility

When setting up ZarMoney you have the ability of making the prepayments option of accepting prepayments on all sales orders or you can accept them on an as needed basis.

Separate Deposit Funds

Sometimes you accept deposits and hold them in a separate account away from your operation funds. With ZarMoney you can deposit the prepayment in any of your accounts or even a safe or lockbox.

 Refund or Apply Prepayment

You can refund the deposit you accepted from your customer or you can apply it to a sales order or invoice.


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