ZarMoney Affiliate Program

Turn ZarMoney Into Your Monthly Cash Machine


Join the Affiliate Program with Double Payouts!

ZarMoney cloud accounting software gives small businesses intuitive, easy-to-use bookkeeping and accounting functionality with Enterprise level features. And our lucrative affiliate sales program gives YOU some of the industry’s most generous commissions as our valued selling partner.


As an affiliate partner, you have the opportunity to help your audience discover the most versatile cloud accounting product on the market. Easy even for novices. Economical even for small entrepreneurs. And so lucrative for you when you promote ZarMoney through product reviews, banner ads, and more!


Lead $5
Paid Signup $120

We pay $5 for every free sign-up that you refer…no credit card needed…and $120 for paid sign-ups when converted to paid! That’s a double payback – with some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.


ZarMoney values our relationships with our partners and affiliates. So we pay you promptly for your support services. ShareASale, a trusted affiliate network, manages our affiliate accounts and pays out our commissions on a routine monthly basis. This assures you of income you can count on, month after month.


Grow Your Business and Your Reputation
As part of the ZarMoney Affiliate Success program, you can feel confident that you are promoting a cloud accounting software product that delivers the best value in the industry. And we continue to support it with a large selection of creative materials designed to nicely match the theme of any website. All this…combined with risk-free sign-ups without credit cards…can keep the referrals flowing and your business growing.


Turn on Your Cash Machine Today
Our Affiliate Success team is ready to answer any of your questions and provide the marketing materials and creative to get you started. Contact them at And turn ZarMoney into your monthly cash machine today!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ZarMoney cloud accounting software and our benefits-oriented affiliate program.

What is the ZarMoney Affiliate Success Program and how does it work?
The program pays out monetary commissions for referring people to use any of the ZarMoney cloud accounting software packages, both free and paid subscriptions. You attract potential users through banner ads and text links that promote ZarMoney. When a user clicks one of the affiliate links on your site and becomes a ZarMoney subscriber, you earn a sales commission, which is monitored and paid out by the respected global affiliate marketing network ShareASale.


How much can I earn from the ZarMoney Affiliate Success program?
Your earning potential is unlimited. We pay you $10 for every referred person who signs up on our free level, $60 for paid subscription referrals. If a free user converts at a later date, we pay you an additional $60. That’s a double payout for you.


How often do I receive payment for my referrals?
Affiliate network manager ShareASale handles all remuneration and sends monthly payments for the previous month’s referrals. You must also sign up with ShareASale as an affiliate…at…in order to be entered into the payment system.


Can I join your program if I don’t have a website? To join the program, you need to place our banner ads, links, or videos on a web property. Although affiliates traditionally have used websites, you could use your blog, email list, or social media pages to post our banners.

Are there any restrictions on joining?
It’s easy to join, though ZarMoney reserves the right to reject any application where the website is deemed unsuitable for our affiliate program. Unsuitability can include – but is not limited to – content that is sexually explicit, illegal, or inappropriate, promotes violence, or discriminates against race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, age, or sexual orientation. It is within ZarMoney’s sole discretion to determine what is or is not acceptable.


Can I participate from outside the United States?
Yes, though you must direct your efforts to U.S. traffic only for this program.


Why is ZarMoney so easy to sell?
ZarMoney is especially attractive because it is one of the easiest to use cloud accounting software programs on the market. It includes a wide range of Enterprise level features that are even available, without limitations, at the single-user free tier level. ZarMoney also provides live U.S.-based technical support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How do I get started?
To join the ZarMoney Affiliate Success Program, simply click on the Join Now button on this site or contact us at Once your application is approved… normally within 24 to 48 hours…you can immediately begin earning referral money.