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This robust software package helps you maintain good communication with your suppliers, so essential for optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and improving service.

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Approve to Pay Helps You Avoid Costly Errors

Arm yourself with an extra layer of security and reduce your odds of a costly mistake by giving authorized users the option to approve bills before they are paid.
Payable Calendar

Manage Cash Flow Through Advanced Payables

A convenient payables calendar enables you to better manage cash flow at an optimum level.

Email or Fax POs to Vendors in Reduced Time

Send customer invoices and vendor Purchase Orders quickly, right from your screen! No more time-consuming, cumbersome fax machines or email servers needed.


Print Checks

Print checks individually or in batch for accurate expense tracking.

Purchase Orders  

Create purchase orders in seconds and email or fax them to your vendors with a click.

Payment Terms & Discounts

Track early payment discounts and auto-apply discounts.

Payable Center & Calendar

Using Payable Center and Payable Calendar stay on top of your bills and never miss a discount.

Related Transactions

Automatically link all related Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Bills.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to track unique information on vendors or bills.

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