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Designed for real world warehouse management, ZarMoney dramatically improves your flexibility, with many intuitive ways to check your product status and history.

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Manage Multiple Warehouses

Instant access to your inventory counts from multiple locations, individual items, sales and purchase histories and more gives you a global view of your entire operation for quick multi-tasking.

Customize Product Fields

You can define your own item entry fields, making them germane to your specific business for easier understanding.

Track with Item Genie

Use this versatile feature to efficiently track your inventory on hand, review sales trends and check availables to promise, so you can stay current and make changes where necessary.

Split Transactions with Enhanced Inventory Receiving

Received a PO only partially? No problem. Split POs are supported. Plus ZarMoney auto splits bills so you only pay for what you've received.


Convert Units of Measurement

A powerful feature that allows you to buy and sell in different units of measure, like buy by box and sell per piece.

FIFO Cost Methods

Take advantage of First In - First Out inventory cost method to have more accurate inventory valuation information.

Create Pick Lists

Picklist is used to physically pull the items that are listed on the picklist from the appropriate area.


Compare Received Inventory with PO’s

Make sure nothing is missing and the prices are all correct.

Transfer Inventory Between Locations

Items are easily transferred between warehouses, with easy tracking.

Organize Items by Brand or Product line

For added versatility in your tracking process.

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