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ZarMoney Accounting Features

General Accounting

Full Cycle Accounts Payable

Full Cycle Accounts Receivable

General Ledger and Journal

Invoicing and Billing

Customer and Vendor Management

Approved Bills for Payment

Print Checks and Record Transactions

Track Income and Expenses

Provide Quotes, Estimates, and Sales Orders

Enter and Manage Quick Sales

Receive Pre-Payment on Sales Orders

Purchase, Order, and Receive Items

Manage Multiple Locations and Divisions

Import and Export Data

… And Much More


Access ZarMoney from Anywhere

Customize Sales and Purchase Lists

Track Unique Information with Custom Fields

Collaborate in Teams

Schedule Tasks and Events

Coordinate Activities

Fax, Email, and Share

Manage Documents and Attachments

Assign Default Classes and Locations to Users

Personalize a Role-Based Dashboard

Use Quick Invoicing

Advanced Role-Based User Access

Automatic Daily Online Backups

Bank-Level Security Encryption

… And Much More

Inventory & Services

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Use Custom Fields for Item Types

Set Multiple Price Levels Per Item

Convert Units of Measurement

FIFO Cost Methods

Stock Available to Promise

Categorize Items

Create Pick Lists

Compare Rec’d Inventory With POs

Compare SOs to Invoices

Convert Estimates to Sales Orders

Convert Estimates to Invoices

Transfer Inventory Between Locations

… And Much More

ZarMoney features screenshot
Approve Bills

Approve to Pay

ZarMoney’s Approve to Pay feature provides authorized users with the option to approve bills before they are paid, reducing the odds of a costly mistake and providing an extra layer of security. Perfect for companies that have a complex Accounts Payable process, or one with several employees.

Receive Pre-Payment on Sales

Receive Pre-Payment on Sales Orders

Our Pre-Payment option allows you to accept a deposit or early payment on your customer’s order, which you can then apply to any consecutive invoice related to the purchase.

Add Custom Fields

Track Unique Information with Custom Fields

With ZarMoney’s Custom Fields capability, you can track unique information about your customers and their transactions. Or, use it to get more detailed information about vendors and costs.

Notes and Alerts

Notes and Alerts

The Notes and Alerts feature allows you to create a collaborative work environment within your company – send alerts to your bookkeeping services, other users, leave notes, or attach files to individual transactions.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Use your ZarMoney Customer Center Calendar to automatically plan and trigger events related to an order, such as deliveries, phone calls, or service visits.

Custom Order Management

Custom Order Management

Make every step of your order process transparent with searchable status, color coding, and more to provide better customer service and keep buyers happy.

Fax, Email, Text

Fax, Email, Text

Send customer invoices and vendor purchase orders quickly and conveniently – without using a fax machine or email server. Create documents within ZarMoney and send them right from your screen!

Personalized, Role-Based Dashboard

Personalized, Role Based Dashboard

Each ZarMoney user within your company can customize the software. Use your dashboard to create new transactions, track transactions, monitor balances, or get access to specific information on a daily or regular basis. You’re free to run your business whichever way works for you.

Inventory Locations

Inventory Locations

Get control over inventory, even if you have lots of different items and locations (including retail stores, warehouses, or service methods).

With ZarMoney, you can easily keep track of single items to be purchased, stored, and sold from multiple locations. Inventory counts, as well as sales and purchase histories, can be maintained for separate facilities, and warehouses can be associated with departments, cost centers, or company divisions.

This feature is an invaluable time-saver for companies with retail locations, and especially those with multiple locations, distributors, warehouses, and wholesalers. You can even track distribution through service trucks and fulfillment by third parties!  

Measurement Unit Conversions

Unit of Measure Conversion

ZarMoney’s unit of measure conversion feature solves a huge problem for businesses that buy and sell products that are weighed, measured, or balanced differently. See it in action below…

Categorize Items

Categorize Items

Every product or service your company sells can be identified as an item, and ZarMoney’s powerful system lets you categorize all your items based on factors like type or brand. Set them up once, and then enjoy detailed inventory reports that can be customized to meet any business need.